14 March 2013

the new rules.

happy pi day!

yesterday my math-professor friend introduced me to this holiday, which i vowed to celebrate with enthusiasm once i found out it involves lots of the other kind of pie, to which i am firmly dedicated.

i drove home from her place through swirling, snowglobed skies, the air feathered so thick with white i could barely make out the street ahead. a mile down the road i drove clean through the edge of winter and into full-bloomed sun and blue. it was bizarre in the most wonderful way, and i'm still wishing i'd turned around to pull it off again.

tomorrow my parents and aunty carol fly in.

there's just so much in that sentence, and i can't expand on it other than to say that i'm so glad. i wish nate and noel were coming too--the kids have been asking if they'll get to see the uncles, but my noel-brother is prepping for the philippine islands (i told him if he misses he could just keep going and hit kenya) and brother nate is sifting through pilot openings.

people have asked if it'll be hard to leave my parents, and mostly i've answered that they're already 4500 miles away, so what's another 6000? but then i got to thinking--right now if i need to show up lickety-split, i could be on oahu by tomorrow night. from kenya, it's more like three to four days out. so no one is allowed to have a time-sensitive situation. these are the new rules.

the kids have been loving the snow, though i found out they don't like to miss any actual school for it. on wednesday they were thrilled with the two hour delay until it turned into a full cancellation. the house erupted in general disapproval, while i said who are these people and what have you done with my kids? (no one even cracked a smile. my humor is underrated with this crowd.)

after a moment of silence, they headed out to muck around in the yard and had a grand time in spite of themselves.

even in winter my six year old is all about the swings. sans gloves. (ps how is it that you send a kid out with gloves, and then later when you look at all the pictures of him being outside, you realize that in none of them is there any actual wearing of the gloves?)

so earlier this week i had such a bad case of crabapples that even i was annoyed hanging around in my own head. but God surrounds me with good people who text small bits of encouragement and who tell me wednesday night jokes and who know how much it means that a whole church in uganda is praying for the very same things we're after. and today i have sunlight, a pair of thick socks, His word and His company, and it's so much, you know? it's just so much.