08 February 2013

back up and almost running.

we've been circling through the wringer this winter. normally i think we owenses are made of pretty stern stuff, but either that was a grave misconception or else these viruses are getting meaner, 'cause lo and behold the mister and i were both out cold for a solid six days.

my older two boys made pasta and kneaded pizza dough and more or less kept the family eating through the week. (this is one of those times as a mother when you're mildly dazed + terribly pleased to find you've managed to impart Something Useful to your kidlets after all. who knew they were actually paying attention? it's undeniably sweet.)

but we are back up and running, hallelujah, and though i've scads of backlogged work, my tippiest-top priority was teaching my daughter to make these bracelets in time for her friend piper's birthday.

ps i adore the name piper. it is perfect and happy and just gutsy enough. i have been secretly hoping for another girl so i can name her piper, which is why it's probably good that elle has a piper-friend instead, so we can just invite her over and call it good.

but let's talk bracelets.

they look braided, but they're actually finger-woven and made from a long strip of upcycled t-shirt. remember back in the eighties when we all were making those yarn leis? was that a thing here? most of me thinks probably not, 'cause why would the rest of creation be lei-making, but my hawaii peeps know just the yarny guys of which i speak.

so yes. these bracelets are constructed just like that, except with old t-shirt. and sometimes you just use two or three fingers to make a skinnier guy, and you probably should visit vanessa christenson's tutorial, because her jersey bracelets are such perfectly summery hues that they'll make you forget it's early february and the flu keeps camping out at your house.

next up, this rainbow rug. alas, i should've been teaching my boys to sew. happy weekending, dears!


Joy said...

Well, I missed you. True story.

Glad you're back and minding bracelets again.


Meghan Tucker said...

Would love to work together! Email me. Hope you're doing great!


Brandee Shafer said...

I like the name Piper, too, and it was my second girl-name choice almost 14 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with Cade. My first girl-name choice was Bronwyn, but if I'd had girl twins, they would've been Bronwyn and Piper. By the time I had Clementine, I was married to a Galyon, and Bronwyn Galyon was too rhyme-y, and I knew someone named Piper, so that ruined things according to my own, dumb rules. By the time I had Charleigh, it seemed I had a "C" problem, too.

You know another girl name I love? Lakin. Not sure of the spelling of it, but it rhymes w/ bacon and it just lovely to say; my niece, when I lived w/ her, had a friend named it, so I had lots of practice.

I do think you should have another girl and name her Piper or Bronwyn or Lakin b/c 1) you're so good at this momminess, and 2) I'm done, so you should use up at least one of those incredible names.

Love you, glad you're better.

Eden Marie said...

these bracelets are so cool! also, i've loved the name piper since i used to watch charmed. haha :)

Unknown said...

Oh my word, I read brandee's comment and now I forgot what I was going to say. Lakin rhymes with bacon!
Anyway, I missed you.

Eatlovemerry said...

Beautiful blog! x

Amanda said...

I'm sorry you were sick for almost a week! yikes. But it sounds like things managed to stay under control.
I know a baby named Piper. such a cute name. and it reminds me of John Piper :)

fleetfeet said...

Kidlets...I use that word too.

And it's nice when the weather breaks, isn't it? Especially when you've been under it.

elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear you all have been sick. I hope to hear you really do try my clam chowder recipe. Easy and delish!

amy luella said...

so sweet hearing from your end! and so good hearing you all are getting relief from sickness! love that your are getting the kids sewing, cooking, and weaving (without looking too closely, reminds me of finger crocheting). super cute projects! love.

Katarina said...

Love them!!!!We had a lot of fun making those kind of bracelets during the summer;)
Spoonflower is having the African history textile inspired theme this week, so I am thinking about you a lot:))) And wanted to ask you about that gorgeous calligraphy font you 've been using lately on your Africa prints, what's the name of that font? xoxox

Marie said...

(older kids who know how to make it through and take care of their little sibs while you are sick?)

REJOICE! you MUST be amazing:)

so glad you are better! i make similiar necklaces/bracelets with strips of fabric and my jumbo crochet hook:)

lauren said...

oh the sickness... i think IT IS worse this year. even those made of steel seemed to be taken down at some point. i am reeeeally impressed that you have kids who can do real stuff. good job. well done. hoorah. and OF COURSE bracelets are at the top of the list. artist souls have priorities that i can get behind. ;) can you teach a how to be fabulous course soon?? that would be great. :)

Mommy Emily said...

oh friend, i'm so sorry you've battled sickness... and i LOVE those bracelets. how do you find the time?