23 January 2013

things we must discuss.

the small folk had a two hour delay tuesday morning, presumably due to outdoor freezingness. at 7am, when their trusty bus normally rounds our street, it was 4 degrees out. come 9am, 'twas a balmy 6 degrees. i have to think that perhaps the two degree gain wasn't quite worth surrendering a couple hours of education, but that could just be me.

windowpane visual:

kitchen counter visual:

that leftovers shot is actually from last week, when we made this cheesy bread plus loaded nachos, except i replaced their schmancy bean concoction with plain ol' black beans and went crazy with the romaine and lighter on the chips. the kids declared it a winner, although we still had negative feedback in the onion category. (the fresh onions were a little intense, but had we scaled back to a scant fourth cup i think it would've been just the right amount of bite.)

pull-up status: as you've hopefully forgotten about, one of my intentions for this grand year is to do attempt more pull ups. toward that end, we have this pull up bar in the doorway to the kitchen, and i've made this wretched agreement with myself that every time i walk under that thing i have to do a couple (cheater) pull-ups. (at this point in the game, i have to push off a little from the floor or there is no finagling up there.)

the added bonus to this arrangement is that i am discovering all sorts of muscles that i hadn't met before. like those guys lurking under my ribs--who knew they were even a thing? i thought it was mainly skeletal territory there, but apparently we have muscles all over the place, and most of my upper body ones are now quietly whimpering.

also, one of my favorite things about winter is speed skating around the house in socks, namely the part where you get to slide to a dramatic stop. it occurs to me that one of these days i am liable to grossly miscalculate and wind up on the floor, so if i ever tell you i have twisted my ankle 'on the treadmill,' we shall all know what truly went down.

there are many other things we should probably discuss, like my eyebrow situation and also why i'm hoping for more snow, but talking fluff is mostly my way of skirting the real issues. so for my fellow adoptive parents who pop in for an update on the little dude: it's the same stuff upcycled into new and improved shenanigans. should things begin to progress, i promise you i will post here. until then: you're not alone.

you've got us, and we've got you, and best of all we all have Him, and at the end of the day that's all we're really asking for, right? some decent, unflinching company in the middle of the crazy.


Joy said...

I really wish that one day I could just pop by and listen to you talk about nothing. You have the best way with words.

That little guy? He'll be getting extra special attention in the prayer department this week. Also, you too. It could never hurt.


Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

Pull up bar in a walk-way? Genius? Except I would probably just start figuring out ways around walking under the dreaded thing. Like, walk outside, around the house and into the garage to keep from having to do a pull up? Sure.

Personally I don't think anyone should have to step out of their beds, let alone their houses, when the temp is in single digits.

grey rose (they/them) said...

fact: i love you.
and i may also have an eyebrow sitch.

praying for your great family. to god be the glory!

Anonymous said...

I coach gymnnastics, and two additional strategies you can use to help you get your chin ups:
1) Chin up hold - for a time period. E.g. 20s. You can do multiple sets e.g. 3 x 20s if you like.
2) Chin-downs: jump/wiggle into a chin up position, then sl-o-w-l-y lower yourself down. Repeat. The slower you go, the more it hurts :)

Hands hanging over the bar, fingers away from you = "over grip" = developing tricep muscles.
Hands hanging over the bar, fingers pointing towards you = "under grip" = developing bicep muscles.

Bonus with the chinup bar - if you hang with a straight body, then lift your knees up to your chest, and lower, it's a "tucked leg lift"; if you lift, with straight knees, your toes to the bar (thus a bend in your hips), and lower, it's a "piked leg lift". Both are absolutely awesome for getting some really strong abs!

And I read your blog often; I just finally had a good "oh, pick me!" reason to comment :)

Unknown said...

you are cracking me up this morning! i practiced my pull up over the summer. i could only ever do one (from a dead hang) and then school started and i forgot how to do it....

Eden Marie said...

that shimmery snow photo is absolutely stunning! love your blog! following now. :)

Katarina said...

I admire your strength and love the way you write about things....make them much more special and unique:)<3

amy luella said...

sweet hearing from your end. pretty window pane shot. love the visual of you sliding like a kid across your floors.=) we are desiring a good, good dose or two or three of snow over here, too, before winter skirts off. for now we are enjoying 50s and 60s. can you believe it!?

Candi said...

You make me smile! Love this and you! Hugs!

Mommy Emily said...

oh man. pull-ups ... i'm SO impressed. i cannot do a pull-up for the life of me. i love how you exercise your body and your soul, each day, and how you walk through life with HIM, dear friend. xoxo

patty said...

i've been wondering around your blog and i just wanted to tell you that i LOVE your images. they are beautiful.

ps: i hope you and your mister feeling better. soon. we have a nasty virus circling here, as well. there's always hope for spring, right? ;)