07 January 2013


it's a week into january and oddly enough, i am still relishing the concept of snow. two afternoons back as i hiked away in my treadmill corner, clumps of winter began to tumble down in fits and swirls and i surprised myself by thinking ooh! snow! and wishing i was not a sweaty mess so i could've run out to quick photograph the stuff.

but as we all well know, frozen sweat = ick, so i just admired the snowscape from the perspiry innards of my room.

i suspect that by february 1st we shall no longer be speaking, winter and i, but for right now it's all the wonder of cold skin and frosted trees and cinnamon oatmeal and tea.

meanwhile, i am having a big ol' sale in my etsy shop because guess what? my lori&landon friends and my ashley&jon friends are both adopting, so all proceeds from this month's sales will help them become families to some gorgeous kiddos.

such a beautiful word, family.

l&l are in the final stretch of adopting a little guy from uganda, and j&a have just gotten in their home study paperwork to adopt from the democratic republic of congo.

it's a joy, looking around our living room during small group nights, seeing how everyone has somehow wandered into The Kid Stage. pretty much the whole group is adopting or fostering or expecting, and it expands my insides to think of so many kiddos who will grow up loved and tall and secure in the tenderness of our Father.

but back to the sale: 20% off everything in the shop. coupon code: FAMILY. let's bring these guys home.

ALSO. my imaginary friend joy (actually, she is very much alive and real and making a glorious dent in this world)(but that's what we call internet friends 'round these parts) is working to adopt pie, the little gal her family has been foster parenting since birth. she's dreamed up a nifty little one-for-one effort to cover the legal fees involved, and it would be smashingly awesome if you'd consider giving a dollar.

have a beautiful, snow-crusted monday, my friends! y'all are my favorite kind of wonderful.


Unknown said...

headed to the shop....and your snow? beautiful. we haven't had any in two years down here in the south. and guess what? my girl, the one for whom you stitched up some love? has a blog! my latest post has the link.

Unknown said...

Family is a wonderful word. Snow would be cool, if I didn't hate being cold so much. Love you so much, and your heart, and your photos. It's just all so beautiful. xoxoxo

HisFireFly said...

growing up tall in Him
yes, this.