23 July 2012

baseball and toothy smiles.

thanks to the giant kindness of someone who wishes to remain nameless, B has sailed through the fjord of orthodontia and arrived on the shores of some killer straight teeth.

while he sported braces, he was a bit hesitant to flash a toothy smile. so it's something like sunrise after a two year sleep to see his unabashed pearly grin. thank you, Person Who Takes Such Good Care of Us. we're overwhelmed.

in other news, M won minor league tickets from our library's summer reading program. we cashed them in thursday night, and after a bit of a drive and an hour forty minute storm delay, we got to watch us some baseball.

M cheered with gusto and protested questionable calls and has all the makings of a Quality Baseball Fan. what a great kid.

now if we can just manage to squeeze in some camping, old-fashioned milkshakes and a trip to wakarusa, i think we can call it a summer. what sorts of shenanigans have you all been up to?

11 July 2012


this here kiddo made six on sunday.

we celebrated with games and frosted cake and presents in a smallish family gathering. note to future self: do the cake first, or little em will race lickety-split through the docket till we reach the part where he gets to eat cake.

little em's favorites at age six:
-franklin books
-rolling out play dough pies
-his nine year old brother
-anything under the general heading of baked goods
-bikes and slides and tire swings
-peanut butter cups
-coloring at the library's kid-sized tables

when i think back on our past year together, it makes me want to take a nap. still, he's bright and tenacious and lathered in charm, and that recipe aimed in the right direction could amount to a boy who revolutionizes his planet.

we're dreaming big for this one, itching to see what all God unveils in his life. happy sixth, m.