25 May 2012

favorite things.

right next to christmas, summer is my favorite.

the young'uns have one last sliver of a school day and then they're home free. they are already missing their classrooms and best mates and teachers, and i'm trying to be sad with them, sort of, but internally i've got these marching bands all parading to the tune of backyard camping and evenings stretched bright and firefly nights.

it's my favorite thing having all my kids here with me. bring on the summer vacation.

so we did b's eighth grade graduation this morning, and i just have to say, PEOPLE. i still think of my boy like this:

but as of now he is a big bad high schooler, and that is maybe the craziest thing i've heard of.

back in the day, right when elle was born, i'd be carting around a 6, 4, and 2 year old plus a newborn, and little old ladies would stop me in the grocer and say, oh honey, treasure this up. it all goes so fast. and i'd nod and smile, half delirious with fatigue, but it turns out that little old ladies KNOW THINGS. they are a wise and stealthy bunch.

meanwhile, the mister's been leaving me love notes about the house again, stashed in my toothpaste cabinet or on the desk. and i have no idea what he was thinking, marrying me, but the more incredible thing is how he picks me again every day.

i do believe i shall keep him forever.


have a beautiful weekend, friends!


Joy said...

It is truly amazing to me how I can come here and read your thoughts and swear they are my own.

My tall boy hits high school after the Summer stretch as well. It makes my heart ache and my stomach rattle.

The Summer stretched before us is my most favorite yet, because we are planning to be intentional, not busy.

Have a great weekend!


Brandee Shafer said...

Cade has school 'til mid-June but doesn't have to return 'til after Labor Day. I wish his summer were a little longer but like how he's still hanging out at the lake when kids all over the country are back in school. It does go fast, but it doesn't feel like it, sometimes, when you're in the thick of it. I wish you lived closer. We'd have a lake day. Lake days are my favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

"It turns out that little old ladies KNOW THINGS." Haha! Love it. And I love those wise little old ladies who give me some encouragement myself when I'm feeling a little insane.

kendal said...

i love this post. so happy! and yeah, those women were right....they used to say it would pass in the blink of an eye and i would blink so fast. like really really fast. but there i was still tired and irritated. and now? hank is a summer vacation away from senior year in high school and jack a teenager and sigh.

Michelle said...

I'm with you on the wonderfulness that is summer holidays! I know some mums shudder at the thought of having the kids all together for so long, but I'm not one of them. I delight in the slower pace and luxury of time together. And the little old ladies sure do know what they're talking about.

Your hubby is a super guy, and a sweet romantic by the sounds of it. :-)

I love your photo of M on the fence looking over the field. It's beautiful. All your photos are always beautiful, but this one especially so.

Unknown said...

I remember when your hyperactive brother was totally wearing me out and I was in tears. A visiting missionary "little old lady" wisely told me, "This too shall pass!" That opened my eyes to the fact that time WILL pass quickly!

happygirl said...

Time does fly and school is a marker of time. I hope your summer is a blessed time.

Katarina said...

Yeap, the old ladies do know things and it's incredible how the times flies fast and our kids are becoming adults....Have a wonderful weekend you too:)))

Southern Gal said...

The good thing is that you are treasuring it all up in your heart. Enjoy the summer!

amy luella said...

yay, mr. owens!! and love "oh honey, treasure this up." haha--these words need to be on display in our house somewhere!=) congratulations to your high schooler!! and happy, happy summer break!

grey rose (they/them) said...

beautiful photos.

high school? exciting!
well, i never finished high school, so i'm no expert:)

this post makes me super happy. reminded me that i should go write some love notes.

xo praying for you!

Sarah said...

My oldest is 10, and I already feel my time with him slipping away. His independence is growing by the day. And all the other boys, one by one, join him. Can we not stop time enough to treasure these things? These days are for treasuring. How did days turn into months and years so quickly?

Heather said...

Oh, that last line is way too precious. Made my day :)

Mommy Emily said...

oh.... i love how he's stashing love notes around the house. and those photos of your little boy? they nearly made me cry. i'm trying to treasure these days too, but it's all i can do to not yawn my way through them. i know, deep down, though, i'll always remember ... love e.