07 March 2012

on high sun and headaches.

come early march and it requires direct force to pry me from the General Indoor Area, where things have the good sense to stay dry and warm. but the weather 'round these parts has been downright bizarre (and i mean that as a compliment), so yesterday elle and i slipped outside of our own accord for a bit of quiet play under all that high sun.

so the mister's been gone, which is Never Much Fun because invariably it means:

a. lying awake for at least 90 minutes at the start of each sleep
b. waking 87 times per night just to check that, you know, the house is still standing
ergo, c. the days take on this headachey, hazy sheen

add to this
d. the natives are restless
and you end up with an alphabetic recipe for the longest three days of my recent life.

when he steps back in tonight, the odds are fantastic that at least a few tears shall be shed in the blessed name of Relief.

in other news, this is the face of a girl who is telling her mother about the wily child who's taken to smooching her on the school bus each day. oh, my aching head. i've a notion to move to a new neighborhood with a different bus route, or less dramatically, drive her to school, but in the end i armed her with The Rule: kissing is for family only, you sneaky little mister. (okay, the sneaky little mister part was optional.)

first grade romance wears me out. whatever shall i do when she's seventeen?


Joy said...

first grade kissing?


that's what I say.

hope your head finds rest with the mister.


Brandee Shafer said...

I love the b&w shot of Elle's lower body, carrying chalk w/ her foot kicked out. Brilliant.

There was a kindergarten boy named Ivan who used to force smooches upon me on the bus, when I too was in kindergarten. Crazy making. He ended up being not so much hot, but his cousin Kirby was a different story.

happygirl said...

I know what you mean about the mister being gone. My hubby is going skiing in Tahoe later this month. He'll be gone for a week. I'm going to hate it. I love the sidewalk chalk and high sun in the sky. :)

I Live in an Antbed said...

What a glorious visit to the Great Outside! Lovely pictures, evoking such feeling. Enjoy the reunion!! :)

Jennifer said...

love all your photographs! :-)

Jen Shults said...

Um, I need you to give me photography lessons... or at the very least let me know what wonderful smooshy color filters you are using, if any. And tell me what wondrous lens that is.

Second. MOVE. There's a house down the street for sale? ;) But darn it those boys are in our neighborhood too.

grey rose (they/them) said...

sun! beautiful!
mister being gone really can flip a world on its side.
and patrick heads out at the end of the month for three days...a wee anxious about it.
first grade romance. oh, how i remember!

big, happy hugs to you! may you drink deeply of his mercy and grace today, friend xo

leanne can blog said...

Such beautiful photos & it looks like such a glorious time outside in the sunshine. Lovely advice for your daughter-( I do like the sneaky optional bit).

Michele said...

Laughed at the kissing. You'll feel the same way when she's 17! Good luck being head of roost. I bet you do a great job.

Jorth said...

Hurry home mister - we don't want our gal headachey at all!

Michelle said...

Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to explain The Rule to a first grader. :-)

Your photos are beautiful, as always. Elle's legs are getting long! Don't they grow up so quickly?

I completely understand about getting up 87 times a night to check all is well while the mister travels. Since I got my dog, I don't get up as often as I have faith she'll wake me if I'm needed. ;-)

K said...

i get so. very. excited. when i see you have a new post.
so thanks for that.

Farmgirl Paints said...

i'm thinking you need to drop everything and just take pictures for a living! seriously amazing!!! oh the kisses on the bus thing. the bus is EVIL! i'm telling you. you just wait;)

Mommy Emily said...

oh friend. i'm praying hard for you. i always cry "hallelujah" when trent steps through the door... may you know such supernatural strength.... you are doing good, mama-friend. real good. xo

kendal said...

i've taken to praying on my face for people with lots of kids and at least one of them adopted. you're doing great, mama. your'e doing great.

Unknown said...

praying for you, right now, this morning, while someone drinks juice on my lap and yaks about swimming goggles. It's good I can multitask. :P

amy luella said...

love those pictures full of spring colors. your little girl is so cute. "at least a few tears shall be shed in the blessed name of Relief"--those are beautiful moments.=) what to do about those wee year kisses!? i hope i'll have it more together when the teen years arrive, too! good hearing from you.

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and Wildflower Creative said...

lovely collection. :) my littles love, love chalk.

Marie said...

i have a perpetual sense that i am missing a huge chunk of me and our family is not whole when my husband is away...my whole being gushes relief when he returns.
even him walking through the door after a long day is like a little internal celebration:)
hoping you get to celebrate soon!

i may have told my handsome boys that when they are 13 i will buy a taser to keep the girls away:) one boy laughs at me, and one gets very angry!

Katarina said...

Oh my, kissing on the bus, already???
Hope that at least the headaches are gone,xxx