16 September 2011


this first brush of september has been unusually brisk, and i am so in love. it's like an early heap of autumn, honey locusts fanning gold, that hard shot of sun sieved and softened through layers of cold. i am rocking the knee socks and wooly jackets and it's good times everywhere.

more happy crumbs:

morning work, and a little boy who is blazing his way through the roman alphabet.

pieced quilt tops, finally done. i have an inexplicable fondness for zigzagging, but lining those guys up can be pesky business. i'm also back to shooting portrait sessions and hammering silver and letmetellyou: it feels amazing to set my hand to tasks yielding visible results.

zany kiddos and a kitchenful of warm streusely-blueberry air.

harvest-autumn books from the library. tractor (craig brown) follows the work of a trusty red machine from planting to harvest on an organic farm growing sweet corn.

hurry, hurry, mary dear is a fallish book constructed from the silly rhyme of late poet nm bodecker, paired with erik blegvad's watercolors. the ending has a dash of humor that i'll leave a surprise. love it.

no photograph here, but i'm loving my six and seven year olds out on the soccer field. they're so much giggly exuberance, and i've one little guy who ran off from saturday's game calling, see you at practice, coach. I LOVE SOCCERRRRR! they are good for my old crotchety soul. :)

and even the hard spots are a whole bunch of good in their own way, pushing down roots of patience and mettle in the darkness, whittling off the parts of me gone stale.

what are your crumbs this week?


Michelle said...

Nic, you sound happier. :-) So many lovely things in your post today.
Don't show me any new books! I just received LMNO Peas after ordering it after seeing it in your previous post (we're loving it!). We love our local library too, but some books are just too beautiful to not keep for yourself.
Those muffins look delicious.
As for the hard stuff, it helps us to truly appreciate the good stuff (even though sometimes it would be nice to get a touch more good stuff in the day).
Thanks for sharing. I love reading your posts.

Farmgirl Paints said...

love that wide eyed muffin picture! our favorite fall book is "too many pumpkins" by linda white. you've got to check that one out. have a great weekend friend. our chilly just came on and i'm happy to see it. finally feels like fall:)

rahel said...

A happy post! :-)
Lovely quilt and I love the illustrations in the book "hurry, hurry Marry Dear"- very cute.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

lovin' this post! I love to watch a little one work hard at any kind of school work... Little M is rockin' a studious face! :o)

Christen's soccer team had their first practice yesterday. She was so amazed they listened to her and did what she instructed (U4). she was beaming when she got home..

LOVE the wide eyed, I'm-gonna-get-that-muffin, pic! :o)

Katarina said...

Yumm, yumm!!:)
The muffins and that quilt looks awesome:)

Brandee Shafer said...

Your words are laced with happiness, and I've prayed for it, and I'm praising God for it. (Thank you, Lord. Amen.)

happygirl said...

Wow, fall brings out the best in you. LOVED this post. Thanks.

Unknown said...

maybe I've gotten to the hormonal stage. My hair is falling out...but this post made me cry. it's beautiful...all of it...all the crumbs that make a feast.

lauren said...

ummm.. looks like stella just might have got her groove back. ;) i also declared fall with a first wearing of knee socks. digital high five.. _/**\_ :) when we meet God in long suffering and don't shy away from the too hards, too much, too manys... i think he makes that return of the groove taste that much sweeter. happy autumn. :)

grey rose (they/them) said...

those books are dreamy. can't wait to hunt them down. all of these photos make me so happy!

my crumbs?
we're burning pumpkin candles,
reading charlotte's web,
and snacking on apples...with nutella some days;)
also, elijah wanted to be held tonight. he never does, unless he is sick. loved it.

amy luella said...

love this post. "it feels amazing to set my hand to tasks yielding visible results." yes, what a feeling...that we all need to experience regularly. that soccer call was awesome! the sound of knee socks and cozy sweaters? fall is the best! seeing little m working away on his letters just makes me think again, what good hands he is in...in your family, wrapped up in prayers with much tangible love from heaven. happy weekend!

Jorth said...

Isn't it wonderful, that feeling you get when you make something tangible?

(Especially the things which you make, which are so darn lovely!)

Mommy Emily said...

oh, this is great... these crumbs falling from the communion table. these are the small graces, no? love you nic.