13 September 2011

and now back to my regularly scheduled sanity.

'tis the season when saturdays mean the smell of grass and sun, and two of our middles shin-guard-up for another fierce match.

the mister is coaching (big) m's team, and i've got elle's passel of U8-ers, so between juggling our players and our own five small folk, we've taken frenzied to a whole new level.

m was great out there. he's small, but a force to be reckoned with, and he kicks some serious hindquarters on defense. this is elle's first year, so i had my doubts, but luckily she did not channel her mother at this age (ie timid and ducking the ball). she plunged right in to that amoeba of jostling legs and even dribbled down the field several times.

in other news, i have recently recovered my emotional balance and (painfully dry) sense of humor, and i've decided that my way of approaching the day is loads more fun than the alternative. so pretty much it's okay if little m shrieks for hours on end and takes the scenic route to learning limits. i can still have a perfectly decent day.

and furthermore, if he decides to stop yelling long enough to join in on our good time, he is absolutely welcome to do so.

and sometimes he does.


thank you, Jesus.


Jen Shults said...

Ah hugs girl! I so wish you lived near us so you could coach my oldest in soccer... she's trying it for the first time in a town where they start at 3 and are going pro (aka club) by 7. YIKES. And she's holding her own... WHEW! ;) Your photos are great!!! I'd keep that little smiley one in my pocket for all those times when little M is having a moment. You know to keep my sanity and all. And to remind me that he's a cute little bugger even when he's being a stink bug, lol. HUGS!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

it looks like a whole lot of fun is going on over there. i want to live in your family...chaos and all. it's a lot of happiness. i can tell:)

Brandee Shafer said...

You're doing all the right things. I love, especially, the photo of elle hanging upside-down!

Shannan Martin said...

Did I channel my mad screech-ignoring skillz over to you?? When it goes on long enough, it really does become a white noise of sorts.


Love this post and all your peeps and you.

leanne can blog said...

Beautiful post.

Unknown said...

i have a screamer, we haven't figured out his deal yet...and in the meantime, it's the only way to be sane, function, etc. sometimes ignoring is the best medicine.

lauren said...

i came to a point with my bubs when a lightbulb illuminated the obvious--- God did not call me to CHANGE his behavior... God called me to be the best mother i can be. the result of that outpour of love may or may not change a gosh darn thing... but that part is God's job. if i get to the end of the day and i did my best--- then i had a knock out successful day. the end.
i am loving your pictures p.s. :)

kendal said...

LOVE soccer. our younger started school soccer this year! a different world....and llove your photos. and taking time right now to pray for little m.

Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

Praying for you and little M. With two 2 year-olds, I have perfected my ability to ignore shreaking. Perhaps that will come in handy ;)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

what I love about soccer is it doesn't matter how short you are, if you've got the guts, you'll do alright. :o)

I wish I knew about soccer when I was little, but South GA was a little behind 30yrs ago.

And YAY for Elle for getting in the mix and dribbling the ball. :o)

Christen went through a really, really, really, really rough time when she was 3. Screaming was how she dealt with it all. It was the only way for her to feel better, the only way to communicate and get all the bad stuff out. The older she got, the screaming subsided. She was able to communicate and get her point across.

I had to do the same thing, remind her I was there, let her scream, let her finish her tantrum, then when she was done, life went on.

Still praying for little M and you and all your littles. :o)


amy luella said...

little m is one "lucky" boy!=) all of those pictures. precious! love elle's muscles which remind me of myself posing similarly after a soccer game around her age...but she looks a whole lot cutier than i did! crazy, messy hair. tomboy. but i loved soccer.=) fun reading.

Katarina said...

They look so happy and beautiful together:))

Jorth said...

If it all gets too much, you should go and hang upside down on the monkey bars too. You can't hear any screeching when all the blood is in your head!

(I may know this from personal experience!)

grey rose (they/them) said...

hooray for a fun season, love the soccer duds.

m is melting me with that smile.
praying he shows it off more and more.