15 August 2011


the biggers' first 4/5ths of a week at school has gone swimmingly, though by friday they were plum worn out. and slowly, slowly little m is learning that although mom will dedicate the overwhelming majority of her day to walks and home-preschool and games, i may at times engage in activities apart from Entertaining Small People. because occasionally we like to have laundered clothing and stuff.

friday threatened rain, but we pitched the tent out back anyway. i find it's easy to throw caution to the wind when a change of clothes and dry beds lie fifteen feet west. we had hamburgers with blues hog sauce, pb s'mores, a game of pass the buck and then euchre by flashlight.

we also had reptilian trilling noises in the dark, which may explain the guest appearance of velociraptors in my dreams that night.

and the rain held off after all. :)

these two boss each other like a pair of spinsters, but in the next breath i'll catch them tied up in giggles and clearly having the time of their lives, inseparable.

and though morning till dusk is one strung out dance of Who Is In Charge, and though i fall into bed bled of patience and humor, God is still there the next day with a fresh supply of mercy and the promise of His tender, unwavering company.

counting mercies today, with ann:

my girl lori, home
a sweep of cool in the middle of august
front yard baseball
the people who surround me in small group
food on our table
cornflower skies
crystal, who prays
the smallest signs that maybe he will trust us after all


Jenn said...

Been thinking about M this week with the biggers away. Praying for patience and strength and...um...patience in the coming weeks ;) You are all so beautiful!!! Thank you for being you!

jeana said...

beautiful! what a lovley time.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Inseperable... so reassuring!

the trust will come and when it does, oh how sweet it will be!


Unknown said...

Life is beautiful and exciting! Especially when you're in a tent that doesn't come with a washer and dryer.
I think your family is wonderful. I think your dinosaur dream was hilarious/frightening.

Anonymous said...

I love this so much! Really captures God's goodness :)

elizabeth said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful photos.

Farmgirl Paints said...

awww so glad he is finding his way and trust is falling into place too. God is awesome!

Jorth said...

This post reminds me so much of my Nanna, who was a gun at euchre!

Sending happy patience filled wishes your way xo xo

kendal said...

those new mercies. yes.

Jen said...

Small signs of progress is a hopeful thing. I appreciate your transparency and always get refreshed when returning to your blog. God is seen here.

Shannan Martin said...

I wish to share tales...in person. One day.


grey rose (they/them) said...

lovely progress. i am singing for joy for you.


Katarina said...

So happy to see how the life is awesome, even being so normal, LOL
Hope it may have some sense;)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm craving smores suddenly.

Life is full of little graces. Little remembrances that pull us through. What a gift to be able to truly see them.

amy luella said...

the light dancing in your pictures is beautiful! what a fun filled time!

Nacole said...

I'm over here from Ann's...and I come to your blog, and it is refreshing...what passion you put down words with...just the way they come to your mind, encircled in a poetic rhythm...and I like it--a lot. loved the pictures, the quietness, and the sense of joy with the simple things. i will be back to read. blessings to you and your sweet family!