10 August 2011

off to school.

'tis the season for packing lunches and 16 glue sticks (i've stopped asking) and traipsing to the bus in sneakers so fresh you can smell the new.

i'm quite certain we just started summer holiday, but time has been more slippery than usual as of late. plus also for reasons unbeknownst to my brain, the Educational Powers That Be shrink our vacation a wee bit each year. so. yesterday morning, after whole-wheat pancakes and much flattening of hair, the four olders trundled off to school again.

(mr. fifth grade)

(eighth grade)

(third grade)

(first grade)

this is her eek!firstgrade! look, but do not believe it. the rest of the time she was doing this:


there was one small person (plus one mama) who was less than ecstatic about the commencement of school. little m spent much of the morning hanging out by the window to watch for his brothers and sister. we'd coax him away with puzzles and play doh and memory, but soon enough he'd scoot right back, as if certain the intensity of his vigil would bring them home.

but God knew just what we needed. my girl jenn & her sweet crew sent us a bucket of happy to keep small hands and imaginations well occupied.

(aren't chalkboard surfaces the cleverest thing? sadly, in my unpacking excitement i managed to thoroughly smudge up j's beautiful penmanship.)

(cooper household, thank you. your timing was impeccable.)

at 2:30 the biggers winged back home full of homework and first-day tales. little m was clam-happy. we had snack and bikes and play and an evening of together, and this morning? we pulled it all off again with only a few short minutes of window-time.

with friends like y'all and a God who sends mercy by the bucketfuls, i suspect we just might survive this school year after all.


* * *

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TheUnSoccerMom said...

It was back to school for Christen today! Senior year... wow!

Poor M! But so glad to see he's growing attached to his brothers and sister. :o)

Yes, you will not only make it through the year, your family will flourish! God says it's so. :o)

Brandee Shafer said...

So glad Cade doesn't go back to school 'til after Labor Day. Still, summer is slipping away too, too quickly. What will I ever do with my little kids when swimming at the lake isn't an option? Lots of love to you and yours...

Jenn said...

So glad the bucket arrived just when it was needed. Funny I sent it off thinking I was "so late"...but God knew when it was needed :) It's better with smudges too...that means it is being used! Love you all!

Unknown said...

What a sweet post filled with beautiful pictures. Your family is lovely :)

Michele said...

Awww, your little one looked so sad to see everyone go off to school. I bet that bucket of fun worked like a charm.

amy luella said...

first,i was taking in that you have an 8th grader!?? wowza!=) can totally understand that picture by the window...and then i think of how special it is that he has you all to himself for this time this year while he is coming to understand home, family, parents, life in a different country... and that bucket of love chocked me up, too. so kind, thoughtful, and sweet.

amy luella said...

choked, that is.=)

Unknown said...

THat is such a wonderful idea!

Also, what beautiful faces! But more importantly, what's with 16 glue sticks? Maybe the teacher eats the extras when no one is looking. Just a theory.

My oldest goes to preschool next week. AHHHHHHHHHH!

Jorth said...

Good grief - everybody is growing up so dang fast! It's a wonderful thing, but still... good grief!

Michelle said...

Your little girl looks like she's full of mischief and fun! What a brave girl going off to school on the bus on the first day. Your kids are all beautiful; I smile every time I look at your photos.
16 glue sticks, yes, you have to wonder. My daughter's book list said 4 glue sticks this year, I sent two. I told her to tell me when she starts the second one (it's been 6 months now and she's still on the first!). She also hasn't used those 12 HB pencils that were requested, LOL!
It's great to hear that little M didn't spend all day by the window on the second day. xxx

grey rose (they/them) said...

your children are beautiful. love m waiting at the window. (my little sister did that every. single. day. we three olders were at school.)
praise jesus for mercy by the bucket! xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh now if that wasn't a God thing i don't know what is! you really captured the first day well nic. that pic of m by the window made my heart hurt. poor thing! can't believe you are in school already. we don't start until after labor day.

Nancy said...

He missed his siblings! How happy/sweet/sad that is. Loved your comment at my place the other day--all the blurry lines between all the fathers and children in your family. What a blessing. What lessons of grace you have learned well.

Sorry. I'm not ready to let go of summer yet. (But your school children sure are sweet looking)

Brian Miller said...

we still have a week until school...i am the sad one to see them go back...what a cool way to welcome them home...lovely pics!

Beth said...

Really love your blog!! I'll be back for more.
Great pics!

We are almost back to school too! One in 8th, one in 4th.


Katarina said...

Beautiful pics of gorgeous kiddos!! I am just refusing to believe that the summer is almost over...fortunately the school here starts on September 1st, so we have still some time to enjoy the summer:)

Irene said...

Aww, Nic, your kids are soo cute!!! I enjoyed your pictures, they are so beautiful! :-)

Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

Oh this makes me so sad. I've been in procrastinator's denial that half my children will start school next Wednesday. The other half will be left at home to be dreadfully bored and sad. I want a magic chalk-board bucket o'goodies! What an awesome idea.

Mommy Emily said...

oh, that photo of him by the window... he is so beautiful, i just want to hug him. i'm so glad he's part of your family dear friend. so glad.

Anonymous said...

Here's to less window time every day! :)
Your family is just bursting with precious.

kendal said...

i love your words. i love your photos. i love your heart. i love that little m. praying for your kids.

Nacole said...

caught a glimpse of the first few lines, and i just HAD to read.

perfectly written...perfect because your heart is overflowing. love it. thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind words. i love it when people get me, and they have walked the same road--and they don't just judge in silence, but instead reach out and let me know that they have been there too. you have been a blessing. i left a small reply for you over there...trying to get the hang of this commenting thing ;) blessings.

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