23 August 2011

multitudes on tuesday.

dad sat catacorner from me at the breakfast table and most days he halved a papaya the long way, scooped out seeds like a trove of black pearls. this is what i think of watching the sun climb this morning: the creamy orange-pink of papaya flesh, and my dad, smiling over his spoon.

a little late this week, but still thankful:

for sunrise
for parents who smiled
for a doctor who calls to chat about my child's health like she has all the time in the world for us
for the joy that is my pre-k class, and especially the child who prayed, 'dear God, thank you for me'
for baby bumps
for sidewalk canvases
for small-people quilts
for library books
and for hearts that hold on


kendal said...

baby bumps? great list, but that one begs a question!

Anonymous said...

I always love these posts so much!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Such a beautiful list. I love how you did your gorgeous photos! Yay for sidewalk canvases and library books! Hearts that hold on... beautiful!

Brian Daugherty said...

wonderful post! btw, I think the "button" icon on the right side of the page needs an update (if possible)

happygirl said...

Glad to see you again. Baby bumps? Hmmm.

nic said...

PLEASE let it be known that the baby bump referenced is not mine. :) we're expecting a new niece or nephew come february, and we also had a bit too much fun with fake baby bumps whilst trying on bridesmaids dresses last weekend.

you may all return to your regularly scheduled tuesday. :)

Jen Shults said...

gorgeous list my dear. and more gorgeous photos too. sad though that the baby bump was indeed not YOURS, lol.

Sarah said...

Now I want some chocolate cookies. Thanks a lot! :) Beautiful post, as always.

Jorth said...

I love all these thank yous!

amy luella said...

thanks for the comments "update," because "baby bumps" caught my attention, too....and i love them, too. pregnancy is a precious, precious time.=) you description of the sun? perfection. sweet to know you are enjoying such time with your dad right now.

amy luella said...

here, here to brian's request, too!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

wonderful list! and beautiful pictures. And such a wonderful memory of your Dad. :o)
I needed a smile today!

please say a prayer for me, my daughter and husband - thank you.

Michelle said...

I love baby bumps too, especially when they're wriggling. I'm expecting a new nephew in two or three weeks, and he is a lovely baby bump.
Nic, what is the beautiful book in your photos? I would really like to know.

grey rose (they/them) said...

and i love small-people quilts!