25 August 2011


my girl shonda is one of those fabulous folk who make this planet funny and inhabitable. she's authentic and warm and a wee bit sardonic, which all piled together equals My Cup of Tea. shonda&co brought taz home from ethiopia last may; come november they're headed back for mb.

to say we're pretty much stoked for their family doesn't quite cover it.

friends are hosting a shower for shonda, but in her signature style she's eschewing kid gear and cute clothes and instead simply asking that we help preserve the lives of some precious people. in particular, precious ethiopian people who, due to the ongoing drought, are desperately hungry.

she's chosen FOVC as a vehicle for giving, because they're a grass-roots bunch powered by volunteers. they're also the sole ngo at work in the region of ethiopia our littles hail from.

[photo via shonda]

we'd love to have y'all crash her shower:

purchase meals here
pop in at shonda's place and leave a note for mb

* * *

in other news, i woke wednesday morning hours before the alarm, which is normal. a rush of window fan and chittering crickets cloaked the dark, again normal. my spine curled with the ache of exhaustion, normal. the mister rose to breakfast the littles, normal. i finally gave up sleep as a lost cause and lumbered from bed, brushed elle's hair: normal. kissed the kiddos off to school: normal. but something about the day hung differently, and i've finally decided just what.

yesterday morning, for the first time in eight weeks, i rose with the expectation that the day ahead would hold more than its wearying tug-of-war, that something, perhaps many somethings, would be good.

it's the same fissured landscape, but the view transforms when i'm standing on a big ol' hill of hope.

i think i'll try it again today.


Michelle said...

Hope DOES transform the landscape. 8 weeks can feel like an eternity when it is all hard work.
You are such an inspiration, I'm seriously in awe (and I'm not deluded that you are finding your path easy).

lauren said...

it is magical how the spirit works. sometimes i love when my day looks the same and yet somehow, someway God has whispered a new word into my heart and transformed me while i wasn't looking. He finishes HIs good works.. He is in it for the long haul with you. thank you for your willingness to share the journey. your blog leaves with me an open window to the possibilities of what He wants to do with me.:)

KS said...

Can I come climb the hill and stand on it with you? I won't wait for permission...be right there!

grey rose (they/them) said...

oh, thanks for sharing about shonda. gonna go check it out!

and keep on that hill of hope. i'm joining you, and praying. xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh girlie that's beautiful. i have those same thoughts every day, but you put words to them better than i ever could.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I woke up feeling the same today. Thanks to your prayers and two AMAZING people, our Youth Pastor and his wife and the prayers of others too. THANK YOU! The hard stuff is long from over, but I can see the light again. :o)

Praying daily for you and your family and little M especially.

THANK YOU for letting me know about Shonda. For whatever reason, I can't note on her page, but please pass along my prayers and well wishes and let her know another donation was made. :o)


Jenn said...

so very VERY proud of you....

fleetfeet said...

So this:

my spine curled with the ache of exhaustion

is how I feel most mornings. Thank you for putting it into words for me. And thank you for sharing.

happygirl said...

Hope does make everything brighter. I'm so glad you have it. I'm getting more of it every day. :)

Katarina said...

You just know the perfect way to explain some things, I love your thoughts, especially when they coincide so much...love to all of you;)

amy luella said...

very thankful for your post. i would love to reach out to fovc for the people of africa and bless your friend. wish i could give you a big hug. faith. hope. love.