29 January 2011

week in review.

so really, that title is misleading. i don’t actually remember the majority of this past week, which tends to make a review somewhat of a challenge. ’tis a lucky thing i occasionally take pictures and also that my camera has the foresight to record the date; then on saturday i can look back and say, oho! so that is what we were up to this week.

ps i do not actually say oho. that is one of those expressions confined to the imaginary conversations of this blog.

on tuesday, if my camera is to be trusted, elle played school with her stuffed menagerie of students. you’d think they’d be well-behaved, this bunch, what with their lack of vocal chords and all, but the way elle plays it you’ve never seen a class so teeming with hijinks.

on thursday, we dished up bowlish mugs of tortilla soup leftovers, and for the record: i could make a career of eating tortilla soup.

recently i’ve branched out and tried several different takes on this steamy goodness, the latest being pioneer woman’s recipe. ‘twas hearty and filling, but i think i’m still partial to the stuff i normally cook up, which has more of a clear broth base and not so much thickness going on with the tomato.

also, it probably snowed in the past seven days, but that's just an educated guess. this here's a recycled pic from several weeks back.


ah, this part i do remember. we spent about six hours today in the church gym playing basketball. em had a few unintentional assists, and zee and elle were beastly on defense. (for elle it was a delicate sort of beastly, but still. she was on her man.)

this afternoon the ever popular aunt kristin played games with the littles, and then after supper we all (minus the hubby, who had a meeting) lounged in the living room reading library books and scribbling stories. 'twas My Kind of Evening.

my plans for next week include roasting a salty batch of these beautiful guys and also a february giveaway (stay tuned!). and if you've known me a longish while, then yes, it is uncharacteristic and possibly disturbing to find me ogling french fry recipes, but it turns out that adoption cravings are also kind of real. (if you are arching an eyebrow in disbelief, it's okay. i would totally not believe me either if i weren't the one it was happening to.)

and now i am off to a book and bed. see y'all in the ayem.


Unknown said...

I know what else you've been up to.
YOU have been reading Winnie the Pooh.
I know because Piglet says "Oho" and it's classic pooh to end words with -ish. As in "this is the most charming, friendish, blog post in a long while"
Or something to that effect.

Just a guess of course. I haven't been flying out to spy through your windows.

Katie Stratton said...

i love a good lost week reclaimed by photographs! perfect.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Your pictures make me calm inside. I always love them. How in the world do you do that?:) Happy week friend.

Stemple Family said...

I also made pioneer womans tortilla soup this past week. I think we ate it for 3 straight nights!

Joybird said...

I love the school house picture. The colors are just right (for my taste.) Also an evening curled up with library books and scribbles is perfect! Do you have your tortilla soup recipe? I used to make tortilla soup years ago and it was simple and brothy not tomato based. I can't find the recipe now, at home or online and wondered if you could help a girl out.

Katarina said...

I just love your pics and your stories, they always make me feel "like home":)

amy luella said...

fun! i could make a career of eating SOUP.=) i think i'd do just fine living off of stews and soups, and tortilla soup sounds and looks delicious! basketball brings back so many good memories. great seeing your pictures and reading about some of your littles' fun.

Nicole said...

Ok so those bowlish mugs are gorgeous! The soup looks so yummy, I must make it!! Your kiddos are super cute ( I really like the photo of Elle with her pigtails :) ) ! And , I would never call anyone a liar , you say you have cravings you got 'em!
Have a super week!

Anna said...

I love your softie dolls.
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Noora said...

You are sooo creative. I love the last two dolls on the right before the little pig. I want to do one for my daughter. I feel that I want to do them ,but I can't. I don't have your talent. I want to learn the abc of sewing first.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Your pictures make me calm inside. I always love them. How in the world do you do that?:) Happy week friend.

Katie Stratton said...

i love a good lost week reclaimed by photographs! perfect.