16 January 2011

nesting and other spurious conditions that it turns out are real.

do you ever hit the weekend and wonder where the world your week got off to? i’m certain it was just monday, and here we are, ‘round the block again.

this morning half of us played church-hooky. bee had oral surgery on friday, and em woke feeling less than stellar, so we camped out on three stories of blankets atop the living room floor. star wars reruns flickered on screen, i alternately rubbed em’s back and felt his forehead, and bee hid a swollen jaw beneath a bag of frozen corn. wish you were here.

in other news, i am nesting. never mind that i thought it was totally fake before it hit me full-force, this adoption-nesting phenomenon; and never mind that it is kicking in way early as we have yet to be given a court date, let alone a visa appointment. i have spent the past several weeks itching to purge and scrub and rearrange, and i have unleashed this force on the most unsuspecting bits of our home.

first target: fireplace mantel. it’s been dusted within an inch of its life, and half the framed pictures will never be heard from again. [the remaining half are quaking in their boots, as they notice me eyeing them from across the room with Big Plans to remake the whole thing from scratch.]

next came the cedar chest. my uncle dave crafted this beautiful thing for my mother, but it turns out she lives in hawaii, sad news for her. [well okay, except for the eternal summer and beaches and food so amazing your mouth wants to sing. that’s the sad news for me.] but back to sad news for her: since it would cost its weight in caviar to ship to oahu, the chest got to come live with me instead.

i’ve filled the innards of this guy with childhood scraps and yearbooks and the cherished detritus of our expanding family. it used to all be piled in helter-skelter, but now everything beneath that wedding dress is boxed up and smartly labeled. i’m bound to go through it again; we’re making room in there.

and now i’m in the middle of cleaning out my work space, with a possible desk face-lift in the works. next up: bedrooms, living room, dining room, sunroom, bathrooms, and possibly the kitchen.

truly, nothing is safe.

ps so if i finish here with time to spare, i may show up on one or more of y'all's porches with a mop in hand and curious gleam in my eye. please let me in.


Rachel Parker said...

I'll be waiting here with brown butter cupcakes and a list of things I've been meaning to do.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

The organization of your cedar chest puts mine to shame!! I'm scared to even look in mine... no telling what will jump out at me.

I wish you could send me some of your "nesting" instincts... my house is feeling a bit neglected..

fleetfeet said...

C'mon over!

Brian Miller said...

that is a gorgeous cedar chest....my father loves woodworking so i havea few pieces...thanks for your words at emilys

Nicole said...

nesting is my favorite! i wish i was nesting now! :) your chest is gorgeous btw :)

amelia said...

I love your world.

ps. how do you read while running???

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh to live in your neighbourhood on such a day as that! Bliss.

Happy nesting...it is a healing, rejuvenating process.

Jorth said...

No problem. Come on in!

Actually, we're getting some snazzy bookcases built in, which is going to include a mantle over the piano. I am waaaaaay too excited about the decorating possibilities, having been mostly mantleless my entire life. Huzzah for mantles!

Mommy Emily said...

you should come and nest at my place. my mantle could use a little dusting. i had no idea you were adopting--how did i miss that? we are thinking of adopting our third. i'm so excited for you. and i just was handed down my grandmother's cedar chest.... you spoke my sentiments exactly.

amy luella said...

that top picture is PRECIOUS. thanks for the image of scared picture frames!=) and it would be fun to hear the stores behind those tiaras. the chest is beautiful. happy nesting.=)

Jen Shults said...

ooooh, you are ambitious woman. and make me feel a tad lazy i must admit. i really need to go through the house with a large trash sack and just start whittling down the bits that no longer belong. that may be at the top of my list if that 9 inches of snow moves in for tomorrow (i know, i don't remember announcing a move to minnesota either...)