06 January 2011

lying low.

there are days we rise to a world bled of color: trees scraped clean, grass as pale as winter. a sky so leaden with january's grief we can barely pin it in place.

there are days i wake to a smallish child curled up sick, and nothing helps. but we try sesame street and sleep and dry mini-wheats anyway.

there are days for lying low. for wrapping shoulders-to-knees in cotton blankets, for lighting candles that bloom the kitchen with the smell of summer.

we read. we pray. we nestle in the warmth of now, hold tight, sip honey tea till heat seeps to our bellies.

we smile, even now, half-asleep.

and we dream of the sun.

* * *

more imperfect prose at emily's.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

May health and sunshine scrub the grey away soonly. ((hugs))

Jen Shults said...

gorgeous post nic. love your photo. i'm sorry to hear you have a sick wee one. those are never days i enjoy waking up to.

Unknown said...

how very gorgeous.
as always.

Chelsea said...

Hey Nic!

You are truly beautiful. AND such a sweet mommy.

I hope things are going well for you in your amazing creative world. Your photography skills are blowing me away and your blog is so pretty. I love stopping in for a good dose of inspiration.

Take care today and stay warm!


Unknown said...

praying for you as you lie low.

Loni said...

Ohhhh, this is where we have been the past couple of days which I also shared on IP but now quite like you. Love the beauty of how you shared some simpleness.

Melissa@one thing said...

I am just emerging from clouds like this! Hope the son finds you soon...till then cuddle in tight.
Loved my visit here!

Southern Gal said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon.

amy luella said...

and we really need those lying low days sometimes. often it is the sick that forces me to lie low. oh, then i remember that god want to give that to me routinely in the midst of life's efforts. i love psalm 23.=)

Mommy Emily said...

oh nic... this made me cry. how i dream of the sun. today is a dark day, definitely a day for lying low, and yet i've been fighting it. thank you for this gentle reminder. your posts are filled with such holy light. bless you.

patty said...

simply beautiful.