21 January 2011

for dad. on his birthday.

what's the best thing about grandpa?

m: how he likes to tease you.

b: he beats you at every game, basically.

z: he's part of the reason why i learned to play chess.

what does grandpa look like?

l: like a big tall man. a big tall man and a cane.


what would we do for grandpa’s birthday if he were here?

z: we would have ice cream cake with chocolate fudge.

m: make him a cake and we would play a game.

what game would you choose?

m: bananagrams

who would win?

m: me. i don’t think grandpa knows how to play.


how old is grandpa today?

m: eighty? seventy-five? what?

l: twenty.

what is your favorite thing to do with grandpa?

b: we play games on his computer in the morning.

m: read books with him. and we get to come over and play with him.

what do you play with him?

m: i watch tv with him. like sid the science kid.

z: chess.


what joke do you want to tell him?

l: why didn't the skeleton cross the road? because he didn't have the guts!

m: what does a turkey say on thanksgiving? cock-a-doodle-doo!

z: i have a really useless joke that isaac says but it’s not funny.

alrighty then. let's hear it. i guess.

z: okay. 'knock knock. who’s there? bob. bob who? bobtulotchee.' yeah, i don’t get why that’s funny.

b: chuck norris sleeps with a nightlight, not because he’s afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of chuck norris.


what would you like to say to grandpa on his birthday?

l: happy birthday, grandpa.

m: happy birthday, grandpa. i hope you had a nice day.

z: (singing) happy birthday to you, you live on oahu, you live in a palm tree, and you eat coconuts too.

b: eat more chicken.

have a good one, dad. i love you so.


Unknown said...

ummmm. that is the most precious birthday present ever.

Nicole said...

so cute! happy birthday to your dad!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

wonderful! best.gift.ever. :o)

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

Raechel said...

Love this sweet way to celebrate a person on their birthday. May borrow this idea when we have a grandparent birthday!

You have such sweet, beautiful children.

fleetfeet said...

I read this with my kiddos on my lap and they loved the pictures of your family. They especially liked zee's birthday serenade, and the skeleton joke. My boy wants to know who Chuck Norris is...

Mommy Emily said...

i LOVE how age means nothing to children. i also love that they want him to eat more chicken. what absolutely stunning children.

amy luella said...

interviews should be a tradition for every bday. precious. that chuck norris joke is pretty good.=)

amelia said...

My favorite: "twenty."

You have some gorgeous kids. Masyn would like to tell you that she is impressed that 3 have names that sounds like single letters from the alphabet. :)

Nicole said...

so cute! happy birthday to your dad!