20 January 2011

firing on two cylinders.

some days it's just plain hard to function properly.

especially when the day starts with my ten year old moaning softly in the bathroom at the crack of 4am, his head and abdomen ganging up to engulf him in one monstrous ache.

being the mother in this equation, i got up and walked the halls all squinty-like, partially because i left my glasses on the nightstand and mostly because the light was being rude to my eyeballs. i fetched a blessedly dim nightlight and smoothed layers of blankets on the bathroom floor, talked quiet and tucked zee in and thought vaguely that it was nice to still be needed, though perhaps not quite at this hour.

zee, of course, experienced a miraculous and full recovery by school time. me, not so much.

fast forward to right now, where my face is pufferfishish and i can barely keep my lids parted and up there in my frontal lobe i'm pretty sure my neurons are clean out of ammunition. [case in point: i just found a plate in my bedroom that was meant for the dishwasher.]

i forget where i was going with this.

anyhow, it's been snowing steadily in a powdered-sugar sort of way. makes me want to go out and twirl around and tip my mouth to catch a dusting, except that also it is cold out there, so never mind.

but good news. elle, who has not inherited my wimpy gene, was happy to go in my stead.

and now she is waiting for me to play a game with her, and the boys need homework checked, and dinner is clamoring to be made.

send in the reinforcements.


Jen Shults said...

Early mornings like that do make for some awfully long days. You did take some gorgeous shots there though. I believe y'all are getting what moved through here last night... 7 inches ago. I hope reinforcements get there soon. :D

Raechel said...

Love that first photo. You can't make that kind of stuff up!

Unknown said...

we are now best friends. my kids are sick and I'm telling you I can't DOOOOOOOO ITTTTTT! I neeeeeeeeeed more sleep.
The end.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

If I could, I'd drop you by a hot pot of something dinner-ish and then do your dishes while insisting you go to bed.

I probably wouldn't if I could, because I'm lazy like that, but I would really really want to.

Rest well tonight.

Unknown said...

your photos .

it's all blur.

the years of sick blending into the years of waiting up for.

naps .

who knew?

Anonymous said...

those nights are so hard! hope you get some reinforcements soon!

Unknown said...

ahhh. stomach bugs. sleep deprivation. snow. homework. dinner. you are a great mom!

Farmgirl Paints said...

well that was a pretty good description of the day in the life of a mom. i am pretty wasted on days that are off. i need sleep. can't function well without it. look at you playing cards even when you're tired. that's a good momma. pics were just beautiful!!

KS said...

I really hope to welcome children into our home and make it as warm and cozy and picture-perfect as yours!

KS said...

just swinging by to reply here, too - thanks for stopping by my blog!

Maui it is, actually! Our stay is somewhat dictated by some freebies - my husband has enough free hotel points for the Waldorf Astoria on Maui, so we'll be staying there...aw shucks, right?! I've heard that Kauai is beautiful, too and would love to see that as well. Thanks for the input!

christina said...

i have that wimpy gene, too.


Nicole said...

i am so beyond snow right now it's not even funny! but the good ole' weather man says we're gettin' some more :( ! yuck! if i was closer i'd double my dinner and give you half :)

amy luella said...

love the glaze of ice on those first branches! and those b&ws of your girl. a great capture of a "funky" day.=)

christina said...

i have that wimpy gene, too.


mahina said...

The pictures are gorgeous.

Thanks so much for the comment and prayers!

Ostriches Look Funny said...

we are now best friends. my kids are sick and I'm telling you I can't DOOOOOOOO ITTTTTT! I neeeeeeeeeed more sleep.
The end.