29 December 2010



elle punches our tickets, and we catch the sled-train to the end of the hall.


she greets us in her best fancy voice [please do come in!], serves up frosted donuts before we can even take our seats. this is my kind of joint.



the daily special is peanut-fish soup with chips and a block of butter. there’s live (indie) music and some apr├Ęs-dinner dancing of the jiggish sort.


in her establishment, there's no tab to pick up and every patron is sent off with a waist-hug and a 'happy day' paper plate.



i'm a lucky mama to spend twenty minutes in my daughter's world, to still be saved prime real estate in her imaginings.



Mommy Emily said...

oh, you are a lucky woman, nic. i long for a girl with which to share these moments. xo

Raechel said...

love this. thanks for giving us a peek too!

Unknown said...

precious! pretty sure my boys never played restaurant, but i had manya light sabre fight when they were small! let me know if you need some tips!

dixiebelle said...


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

A wonderful picture perspective. I enjoyed sitting down to the meal with you and your daughter.
Such a soft beauty to your photos.

Katie Stratton said...

this did my heart some real good this morning. oh to be a little girl again...and to have such a mama! geesh!


Shan Van said...

So cute! Today my seven year old son put on a 30 minute dance show for me and the husband! Props and all were included in the performance. (Thank - you Kinex) :)