08 December 2010


remember that one time when i said i was aiming to catch up on posting recent sessions? so that was a funny joke.

but better late than never, i always say. particularly when it's me being late.

these little gals are some of my very favorite people to photograph. j has this signature soulful gaze and a laugh that could start an epidemic, and m's darling antics makes me want to squeeze her all up. add to this the fact that their mum is one of the kindest, smartest ladies in all of ever, and you can see why any morning spent with them is a treat.


thank you, sweet girls, for the joy of watching you grow.



Privet and Holly said...

Lucky little ones
to have their dear
spirits captured in
such lovely, lovely
images!! Your blog
is just a delight;
so warm and cozy and,
I imagine, very much
like you. Thank you
for stopping by P&H;
I enjoyed coming over
to return the call!!
Merry Wednesday,
xx Suzanne

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh lovely...their spirits just shine right through the photographs, don't they?

Unknown said...

Oh, the freckles! Lovely shots. :)