23 December 2009

this post brought to you by the letter c.

perhaps my mum instituted the tradition, as a placation, having endured my moaning about the woes of a birthday bordering christmas for the billionth time. or perhaps it began on a whim, and my brothers and i enjoyed the enterprise so thoroughly it became an annual thing.

in any case, sometime during my childhood it became unwritten law that we construct gingerbread houses every year on my birthday (and i use the word 'gingerbread' very loosely, in most cases meaning 'honey maid graham crackers'). unwilling participants are advised to run and hide, because if you are spotted under my roof come december 21st, participation is compulsory. triple f, baby.**


my friend crystal, who knows me frighteningly well (well, i'm certain the knowledge is frightening for her; i'm good with it) suspected that with our scrimping and saving for the adoption, i might not purchase the makings for my birthday houses this year.

she appeared last week at my front door, laden with candies and frosting and grahams. i have the best sort of friends.

so monday evening, the littles and the hubby and i happily carried on the tradition, amidst hot chocolate and a rather pitiable christmas playlist.


it's fun (and telling) to observe our varying design styles; hubby took on traditional gingerbread architecture, zee had an over-the-top seussian approach, em went for speed, bee was all about juxtaposing right angles and curves, i aimed for a clean but cozy look, and elle's philosophy was 'eat as much candy as possible during the constructing, whatever's left goes on the house.'

our temporary housing development:

the neighborhood

(makes you want to hire us for your next home addition, doesn't it?)

thanks, crystal, for making sure my day was incredibly sweet.


**Forced Family Fun at its finest.


crystal said...

i wondered how they turned out! so darling, and i must say that i agree with elle....

gina said...

We had fun making those this year too- I love your polka dotted bowls by the way! What a great friend to have. :)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend. And I'd hire you all in a heartbeat...those houses are filled with everything good :) I'm partial to the Nilla laden house...I'm a Nilla kind of gal.

merry Christmas!!

Jen Shults said...

Hahaha! Oh how I know the joys of the triple f. And I've exchanged those letters for some other words in the past, lol.

These look absolutely perfect... I know you guys had a blast making them. :D

Happy Birthday girl!!! :D

CurlyGirlD said...


Happy birthday! The houses are BEYOND adorable! And you have a very sweet friend in that Crystal girl. I thing you should keep her around. :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet friend! And such adorable houses.
We made graham cracker houses the other day with friends. My husband's was more of a graham cracker rocket. Pretty amazing what friends, graham crackers, and ungodly amounts of candy can do for an evening, wouldn't you say?

Shannan Martin said...

I'm still perplexed by the internal structures (the trusses, if you will)...What are they made of? Love the houses, love the traditions. I have a boatload of candy waiting in my cabinet but wasn't sure that we'd get to it. Now I'm thinking we really need to.

Oh, and happy belated! (If I checked facebook daily, like a good facebooker, I probably would have known....)

Angela said...

gingerbread houses are such happy little things aren't they!? i have not stopped by your blog for a couple of months and i see that there are some important things to catch up on here so off i go to read up...MERRY CHRISTMAS!