07 December 2009

first snow.

this morning we awoke to find the world frosted in snow.

the littlest kiddo and i bundled up and headed out back to unearth pinecones for a christmasy project. she lasted about five minutes, then abandoned me for the warmth of the house. she's cute, though.


digging (alone) for forty-five frigid minutes yielded a mere twenty-one pinecones. but i figured that since my ears were already numb i might as well stay out a bit longer and take a few pictures.




summer home.

i do love a light snow (mostly in december and when i don't have to drive in it). it's beginning to look a bit like christmas.



Unknown said...


Jenn said...

You find so much beauty in the {little} things around your life. I'm always amazed how you can bring them to life in a new way...to showcase their true beauty and worth. Not that Elle needs much help ;) She's got the beauty thing down pat :)


CurlyGirlD said...


Gorgeous pics - LOVE the nest!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Lovely photos as always. Wish we had as little snow as that! =)

gina said...

I love snow- right up until the day after Valentine's Day- then I'm ready for Spring. We are experiencing our first snow day today- baking brownies and waiting for the snow to stop so they can go outdoors and play without getting soaked in two seconds flat.

alyssa said...

beautiful pictures! and beautiful family!!