02 October 2009


today had the best sort of morning: brooding storms chased by a brightening sky, where the only reasonable course of action was to skip homeschool and head out into the wonderment with my camera and my girl. there were banana muffins to be savored, and books (just finished GUERNSEY, what a treat!), and wind, and hazelnut coffee (recipe: 1/2 cup hazelnut creamer, 2 drops of coffee. stir.), plus newly fallen leaves pasted to the ground.



we swung by the library and then home again for lunch out back (well, elle lunched; i antipastoed).


the fluttering outline of oak leaves reminded me somehow of coral. (you know, if coral were green and set in the sky. and in our backyard, no less.)



i'm crazy about autumn. the crisping air, the sun pressing on your skin, the way the day is alive with wind and scuttling clouds and a thousand blades of trembling grass reaching for the light.

meanwhile, elle has been begging for school today, namely math** and art (except you must say it MATH! and ART!). we shall get to those this afternoon, i suppose, provided i am not once again sidetracked by october's siren call.

**incidentally, i do think my girl is in for a sad case of bait-and-switch when she arrives at school and finds that the wonder of problem solving has been largely replaced by rote memorization. alas.

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Emily said...

Cute blog! :) Blesings~