24 October 2009

catching up

the thing about mothering four kids is that come flu season, someone always seems to be ill. the past couple of weeks i've nursed two sickish littles, a role i truly don't mind but which also leaches any normalcy from my schedule.

they're mostly better now (i think), so i'm attacking my catch-up list with zeal.

near the top of my list are some photos i owe you, my faves from the last couple of senior sessions. today we'll highlight the beautiful brooke.

on the diamond


brooke is funny and authentic and completely comfortable in her own skin, everything i wish i would've been at eighteen.



she's bright and pretty and involved in everything, but she has a rare depth to her as well. brooke has weathered sharp sorrow and loss, and this makes her strength and serenity all the more remarkable.

black and white

i had the best time with brooke and her mom...the light was gorgeous, the company delightful. i am nothing short of blessed to have a job i so completely enjoy.

trestle bridge

thanks, ladies. and brooke, go change the world. we've been needing someone just like you.

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CurlyGirlD said...

What beautiful photos & what a beautiful girl! Thanks, Nic, great job.