21 October 2009

again with the trees.


in the northeast corner of our backyard stands a towering oak that is just about my Favoritest Tree Ever. it's sublime.

i'd consider moving my computer and pillow outside and living beneath this tree for the entire month of october, did it not have a certain proclivity for dropping acorns on my head. plus also nights tend to be cold, and not to mention my computer is of the desktop variety. but you know, hypothetically.

i call this oak Exhibit A.

aged texture

see, most of the year when i field the question: why would you move from oahu to HERE? i have to hem and haw and generally appear an idiot. however.

come october, i merely point to my tree and say this. this is why i live here.

and also the cost of living.

black oak

my favorite tree


CurlyGirlD said...


That tree, & your photographs, are amazing. That much beauty is worth the move.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Such sights are healing to the soul. I'm certain of it.

tara said...

i love fall too. not so much this year, but generally speaking.