04 September 2009

a finding walk.




pretty grass.

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” [roald dahl]

more here.

happy weekend, friends.


Morgan said...

You. I continue to state that I have no room in my life to follow blogs, MUCH as I adore reading about others' lives and learning innumerable things. But, you...I cannot stay away from. And I appreciate that when I'm able to sit with a cup of chamomile tea, as I am now...with the babies all tucked in, as they are now...that when I click on my Google reader tab to check in on my friend Nicole with all the anticipation of a five year old checking the mail for her pen-pal's return letter...I appreciate that there are 3, 4, or maybe 6 posts from you, sitting there, sparkling, juicy and full- waiting to be plucked and enjoyed one by one. Three or six. Not twenty-seven. Because twenty-seven posts just makes me feel guilty and unrelaxed. It's hard to read twenty-seven posts in my weekly hour of precious blog reading alone time. But three or six fits just right. So, that's one small reason out of the big pile of reasons that I can't stay away from you. Or, rather, your blog ;) Don't even get me started on your photography.

Jen said...

You take such amazing pics Nic. That photo of L is just beyond gorgeous and the grass seeds are also just beyond words. Wow.