11 September 2009

c&m sneak, plus the gorgey dowling family.

a sneak peek for the lovely cindy:

blogsneak: c&m

and a few of my faves from the dowlings' shoot:

[dowling] all kinds of gorgeous.

[dowling] ties that bind.

[dowling] dad's got it covered.

[dowling] such a sweetie.

[dowling] family.

[dowling] smoldering.

[dowling] together.

[dowling] true colors.

[dowling] a tender look that becomes a habit.

[dowling] still in love.

i can't say enough about how much i love this family, their warmth, their authenticity, their robust humor. thanks for a delightful afternoon, guys.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS I already LOVE the pic....you are amazing!!!!! I heart you my friend