01 September 2009

adoption timeline

1998 or so
first inkling that we'd like to adopt at some point
request adoption packets from several agencies (i still have these; the fact that they've survived roughly 10,000 purging frenzies means that this dream has stuck close to me)
we birth two more littles, move a few times, discuss missions work, attend missions seminars
jan-june 2009
lots of long, intense discussions about loving people on a macro level vs micro level, what that looks like for our family, etc
summer/fall of 2009
missions work is on hold; first inkling that we'd like to adopt NOW
sept/oct of 2009
research countries, ethics, independent adoptions, adoption agencies, loans and grants, and so forth; PRAY
nov of 2009
apply with holt international, start saving/earning money for initial paperwork fees and homestudy cost
dec of 2009
sign contract w/holt, accepted into ethiopia program
dec 15-30
fill out paperwork needed to commence homestudy. attempt to contact local agency handling our homestudy with several questions; everyone is on holiday
jan 2009
get the med forms i need. find out the kids do need updated physicals; schedule dr appts (required before homestudy can begin).

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