17 August 2009

monday works in progress.

smallish napkins for the littles' lunch pails.

soft napkins w/binding

a just-for-fun skirt for elle.


(also, i've been making progress on the quilt. this past weekend i cut 80+ sashing blocks and attached them to my nine-patch squares, then laid them out across the carpeting of elle's bedroom, only to discover that i was short 3 squares. either they have wandered off into the darker recesses of my wip pile, or i cannot be trusted to count to 70. alas.)

then there's my elle, who starts her drawings and daily projects in her pajamas, her hair a tangled cloud, and likes to leave her works in progress scattered about the house to be picked up and finished at whim.






here's to quiet mornings of making.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Wow. I'm just struck by how well Elle draws...there's a talent there...

Unknown said...

Love her smiles. She got her mother's talent in art. Remember how much you love art? Keep on drawing Elle.
Love grandpa

Rebekah said...

Are you really going to send fabric napkins in the kids' lunchboxes? I hope they bring them home, with how carefully made I'm sure they are :) I switched to using fabric napkins at home last year, they give such a homey feel to the table.

Such a cute skirt... for such a cutie!

Jena Webber said...

She's got her mother's talent, alright. I have my oldest four starting school next week. Even though we home school, they are all so busy with their assignments that I have the little one with me a lot. Any ideas for balancing work and play with the little one? I can only play so many games of Carebears before I go nuts.