01 July 2009

why i'm partial to my brothers.

nate can affect just about any accent out there, a talent which renders me strangely proud. you'd think i'd instead choose to be proud of, oh, maybe his natural ascendancy in flight school, but here's the thing: while i do not doubt that he is a phenomenal pilot (given that he is overarchingly Good At All Things), i like for my pilots to be anonymous entities. as opposed to, let's say, the entity who used to tell me to hold still so he could see how many knuckle punches administered in precisely the same spot on my arm were required to produce a visible bruise.

still. amazing with the accents.

noel has the bestest sense of humor, mostly because it is an exact replica of mine, which upon reflection is probably more eccentricity than ought to be unleashed on the general public at one time. we ought really to have been alive in separate eras (dibs on the seventeenth century). i have fond recollections of long car trips (clarification for anyone who did not grow up on a small island: long car trip means forty minutes, tops), the nonstop banter and singing pretty much rendering the ride indistinguishable from forty minutes of Last Comic Standing. except that we were sitting. with seat belts buckled. and the jokes were clean and we weren't on tv and also nobody with a healthy grip on reality was laughing. but other than that, it was EXACTLY THE SAME.

these here are the guys:


and also me being all 'froed out on the left because hey. someone had to sport the 80's poodle perm. it's cool, i've got it.


Liliana said...

I'm mostly a lurker but have got to comment on this one...Just at a glance, your older son looks just like you in this pic!!! Too Cute!

Love your blog BTW!


fleetfeet said...
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fleetfeet said...

LOVE this! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your happy childhood!

Love said...

oh, i covet the ability to do accents!
love this tribute to your brothers and that picture....awesome.
i was thinking of you often today as i fought the temptation to cool down my upstairs while doing laundry. who the heck am i to want to turn on my a/c because the 2nd floor of my beautiful house, with a huge laundry room, and new washer and dryer are making me a little hot???!!!! ugh.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I've always been too embarrassed to try to do accents but I gave into a sudden impulse the other day and nailed it. Such fun.

Suddenly I'm missing my brother. We haven't been close since he was four. Sigh.