11 July 2009

new things. that will likely never happen again.

this morning, for the first time in the history of ever, i persuaded this old bag of bones to get up at the crack of insane for a run before sunrise. the beautiful thing about exercise at this hour is the whole lack of sun, which comes off as lovely as running in perpetual shade.

(i just wish sunrise wouldn't happen so early; we ought maybe to delay it till nine o'clock or so.) (okay, yes, i'm hearing you, i can always move to greenland if i'd like to mush my dogs around the block in the dark at 9am for half the year. that's most helpful.)

the sky was a mélange of smeared clouds and haze and leftover storm, with a hearty chunk of moon suspended just over my shoulder. and the oddest thing is, once i was out there--just my five o'clock self and the pavement and this orbiting lunar rock--i was inexorably happy i'd propped myself up on one elbow instead of pulling the sheets to my chin again in response to that pivotal question: wouldn't it be grand to sleep another ninety minutes? because the answer is sure. but nowhere near as grand as this.

more firsts:
::thinking to myself, less than half-way through, that this was going too fast and that i wish my day's commitments allowed me the flexibility to go longer (note that under all other circumstances and possibly this one as well, the word fast should never show its face in a post about me jogging, unless firmly tethered to the phrase not at all).
::having the sidewalks, the streets, the entire city to myself.
::witnessing the wonder of a brightening sky and thinking that 364 out of 365 days of the year i fully get the siren call of sleep, but on this particular morning? i cannot fathom the draw.


Jen said...

LOL Not only are you funny, you are my hero for getting up that early ... and jogging as well!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I feel this way a bit just seeing the early morning sky and not the, ahem, 9am in the morning sky. Beautifully put. It almost makes me want to jog.

But only almost.

Ann said...

I love running early, but I am a wienie and like a partner so I don't get abducted or break my arm or something....ever consider moving to Kansas??? :)

Jenn said...

um. that's early. kiddos to you my sweet Nic. you've got gumption (i do love that word but don't have a clue how to actually spell it). it does sound like a lovely morning though :)

take a bow jenn

fleetfeet said...

Yes. Yes. And Yes. 'Nuff said.

Sara Farrar Photography said...

thanks so much for all of your help! i cannot begin to tell you how very much i appreciate your blogger expertise:) i have happy BIG pics now... thanks for taking the time:) it made a big difference to me!

jen said...

You are just awesome. Only you could write such an eloquent post about the thing I despise more... running.

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