08 April 2009

twelve years today.

this fellow here is the hubby. he and i have an anniversary to celebrate.

"i think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. they've experienced pain and bought jewelry." (rita rudner)

love you, babe.


Jenn said...

WOW...I can see now how your little brood looks a bit like you and a bit like him. Aren't genetics such a fascinating thing? I think you two should have at least a dozen more ;)

Happy Anniversary. Spoil yourselves silly!

take a bow Jenn

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Happy Anniversary, dahling! May it bring you both much joy!

angela said...

Happy Anniversary! ....and dude, did you see Fringe last night?! Loved it!

fleetfeet said...

Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple who is joyful in their marriage and family and their walk together with the Lord. Love you, Lisa

Rebekah said...

Every year is a mark to celebrate.

I'm with Jenn - I can see now how your kiddos are a mix of you both!

Love the quote, too ;)

deconstructing jen said...

I love that picture!!

Happy anniversary. :D May this year have all the passion of your first and all the ease of your 50th. :)

Love said...

that is a great pic! ...and maybe the 1st time i've ever seen your hubby! =)

hope you had a great day & have another blessed, fun year!

Christine said...

Seriously gorgeous photo, as always! Have a happy Easter!

DollieDimples Boutique said...

awww. Handsome man Nic! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.