12 April 2009

on corinthians

where, o death, is your victory?
where, o death, is your sting?


Jen said...

Lovely, Happy Easter.

andrea said...

Beautiful Nic! I love all of your newly posted pictures! :) Happy Easter!!

Whitney :) said...

Spring ... oh blessed Spring :) you're right .. it's impossible to look at a picture like that and not think about GOD :)

whit :)

Eva/freshandvintage said...

Can I just say once again I LOVE YOU Nic! Happy Easter Happy Spring Happy Life my friend.

Fledgling said...


The street chess: That is a hard thing to "get" in a photo and you did it!

Those train photos. I've been on those trains, but I never "saw" them.

Thank you for taking me there,

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I remember years ago reading those words one Sunday and feeling this amazing burst of joy. There really is no sting.

erin said...