27 April 2009

it's official.

i am in love with the midwest. it's a brief affair, to be certain, as soon we'll dive into three solid months of temps in the nineties and humidity so thick you could wash your hair in it. but for today, at least, i would pick exactly this spot out of all the real estate in the world.

elle and i spent the morning weeding the lawn and flower beds beneath a cornflower sky, the wind fragrant with lilacs and hope. later elle napped and i threaded vining clematis through the weaves of our trellis out back.

i have laundry to finish and banana muffins to bake, plus bunches of images to edit this afternoon, and i can't help but think how blessed i am to fill my days with so very many things i love.

speaking of l'amour, here's a sneak peek from saturday's shoot for you, allie.

allie&sam make such a gorgeous couple, and i wanted to keep shooting for hours just to be seen with them. :) i'll post a few more from their session later this week.

happy monday, blogworld.


CurlyGirlD said...


The photos are gorgeous. I love the blossoms! And your words about everyday things bringing such joy are a wonderful reminder. We should all feel that way each day. Thank you, once again, for your beautiful, warm writing.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm craving muffins now...mmm....

Jena Webber said...

She is so dark, and he is so fair--what a neat contrast. You shot them very well. Good job.

Tonkamom said...


btw, you've been tagged :)