30 March 2009

woot!woot! we have a winner (or two)

the swiss alps are staggering in their beauty, jutting from valley to sky at startling angles. i'd only brought my 50mm as it was light and easy to wear twelve hours a day, but i couldn't begin to record the enormity of the alps, and the theme of the trip quickly became "if only i had a wide angle lens."

this is the top half of the view from the railway climbing to the jungfraujoch, the highest point in europe. double the height of the photo, and multiply the length by perhaps nine, and you will arrive at the tableau visible from our railcar.

yes, i know. if only i'd had a wide angle lens.

in any case, i'm home now, and catching up on sewing orders and photosessions and laundry and general puttering around the house. i mention all this to beg your patience--i will get to posting the trip photos, but it may take a few days.

lastly, we have two winners from last week's drawing: numbers 18 and 98.

assuming i can count (which, given the jetlag, might be presumptuous), the winner of the lucky necklace is jami oppold, and mopsy goes to skylarKD. congrats, girls! email me with your addys and i'll ship these lovelies out to you.

also: ten thousand bonus points to the hubby. not only were the kids intact upon my return, they were also happy and clean. the house was freshly scrubbed, mopped, and hoovered. he'd even vacuumed out my van.

danke, babe. you're all sorts of wonderful.


Rebekah said...

Wow - there are so few words for the majesty of those mountains.

I have wanted a wide angle lens, and right now I'm trying one out... not sure how I like it yet.

High five for your hubby, too!! Way to go!

Jenn said...

welcome home! what a view...breathtaking!! glad everyone was in one piece upon your return...serious bonus points earned there!

take a bow Jenn

deconstructing jen said...

Welcome back!!! He vacuumed out your van?? Where did you find this man??

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

So beautiful - and welcome home!

Now excuse me, I have some I-didn't-win sulking to do...

Leisl said...

More Switzerland photos, please!

PS My word verification is 'packin' - I thought that rather apt ;-)

Kirsten said...

Thanks so much - Mopsy is adorable! I've sent you an email. :)

SkylarKD said...

Thanks so much - Mopsy is adorable! I've sent you an email. :)