04 March 2009

things one thinks about at 1:37 in the pm

1. i am so egocentric that even at age thirty-two i have difficulty wrapping my mind around the thought that there are people in the tail end of summer right now. half a globe of people, in fact. this unsettles me.

2. three weeks from now i shall be in switzerland; i need the crash course on yodeling so i can blend in with the locals.

3. i like cheese.

4. also bloomers, crocuses, and chunky knitted wrist-warmers.

5. this is elle telling me about ladybug wings. she's an animated one, that child.

6. i wish daylight saving time would go away.

in fact, with all the landofthefree/homeofthebrave hype we have going on in the states, i think we ought to be able to vote on this here bit of legislation.

*for those of you in countries that also experience the wonder of daylight saving, how 'bout we join forces and take this to the UN or something? because you know. i'm sure they'll stick this high up on their agenda. like right under Achieve World Peace.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'd like to leave a nice insightful comment here, but I think I'll use that creative energy to write a letter to the UN instead...

Tonya said...

nothing clever to say other than your *elle* is so beautiful and love the black and white processing..



angela said...

loving the smirk in that last pic...looks like you in a recent self portrait challenge

Jorth said...

Switzerland buddies - how exciting! We're heading there later this year. You'll have to tell me all the cool spots to go to (and I can't wait to see your lovely photos, either!)

erin said...

Love that last pic of elle, what a face :)

And I actually like dst, we don't set the kids clocks ahead so they stay in bed a whole extra hour for awhile- perfect for Spring Break :)

Rebekah said...

I do not understand the whole point of dst anyway... what are they saving it for??? We never get the extra time back when we need it, so whyyyyyyyy??