06 February 2009

a shot of random

1. so i just read that the jaguar, which has long been my favoritest car ever, is the least ticketed car in america. just one more reason why the XJR would be a great investment. and just think, i'm only $83,505 away from owning one.

2. what i like best about bagels: they have a hole in them.

3. i've been fiddling with textures again this week.

(despite all evidence to the contrary, i do actually recall that i have three other children. it's just that they do not so much like to be photographed, and mostly i end up with images like this:

...and there are only so many variations of the tippy tops of their heads.)

3b. elle, on the other hand, revels in the spotlight. she's in this phase where she spots the camera from afar and immediately plasters on either a silly face or a nettled one; she's good for very little in between.

fortunately, i adore moody photos.

4. i have to know what you all make of this here bath mat. part of me shudders at the thought that this exists even in its singular form, the remainder of me thinks it's the coolest thing since space invaders.

clear this up for me, please.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

It's a very cute head top as far as head tops go, of course. And I love moody pictures too!

Love said...

i love that none of your friends have moldy bathrooms. (so far)

love your pictures of your adorable kiddos....even that top of the head is so sweet!

and the picture below is gorgeous, as always. i'm just to tired (or lazy) right now to link on a separate comment.

Hana said...

I love the moody picture...look at those eyes. Love the texture of that photo! Great job.

you should enter my photo editing challenge.

Xazmin said...

Weird, yet cool bathmat! Your pictures are beautiful.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You can make even the top of a head look stunning. My eyes just want to linger on each of your pictures.

Gorgeous as always.

Thanks for the daily giggle.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Jaguars are my all time favorite cars too! My brothers best friend had one in high school. I think I was 8 or 9 at the time and I had the biggest crush on him. Ever since then, it's my favorite car. I have tried to like Mercedes or Porsche's better, but I just can't.

de_scribes said...

I, too, am simultaneously intrigued and appalled by that bath math. Must have it.

Who is singing "Yellow" to me?
I likey.

Fledgling said...

Moody and mossy: All good.

I think the bath mat would feel neat under the feet. It might keep the air fresher, too.


amelia said...

I LOVE moody pictures too, these are stunning!

erin said...

My boys are the same way- or totally fake smiles to get me to hurry up.

Moody is fun. I will need to take more of those :)

Elle is so cute, even moody!

Geeta said...

The bath mat: Not 'the weirdest thing I've seen', but quite, quite beautiful and I do want one. Big moss fan...

And that second photo of your son is wonderful, unique, love it!