05 December 2008

um, yes.

the bleakness of winter is officially making me crazy.

(to those of you sorely tempted to comment only six more months! or yeah but technically, winter hasn't even started yet; squelch the urge. recall that you are dealing with a mentally unstable person here.)

as proof of my winter insanity, i offer you exhibit a: the winter sale.

yes, folks, almost everything in the shoppe has been knocked off 40%, which means that in many cases i am barely breaking even...or perhaps even paying you to buy my stuff. the sane version of me may be a little peeved about this come april, but then, she's not here now. let the good times roll.

also, i made this kitschy bit of patchwork-scarf-goodness, which is the only thing in the shoppe not on sale as part of me hopes i get to keep it. so don't actually buy it, ok?

exhibit b:
well, this is not so much proof of winter crazies as it is just my normal weirdness. here's a list i've made of odds and ends of my life this week.

1. sometimes when i'm bored i do search-and-rescue missions for white hairs. usually i pluck them from my scalp, but then? i feel rather attached to them, and i'm seized with the urge to squirrel them away in an albino nest in the far corner of some drawer. the only reason i don't keep them is because i secretly fear that i'll die and someone will discover my white hair stash and i won't be around to explain why this actually isn't weird. yep, i did just put that out there in public.

2. when i log into mixpod.com (which hosts my playlist over to your right yonder), i always check the box that says "remember me." but then when i go back there again, i have to enter all my login info. again.

mixpod always forgets me. that kind of makes me sad.

3. one day when i apparently had thirty seconds of my afternoon to waste, i did this internet quiz that told me that of the four main female characters in TWILIGHT, i was alice. secretly, though, i rigged it to be alice because she is my favorite. if i took the quiz for real i'd probably be a combo of bella and esme, with only a small dash of alice (hold the rosalie).

just call me bellesme. (if you haven't read the series, this is an inside joke; i promise it's only 85% as lame as it sounds.)

if you are still willing to claim me as friend or kin after the above exhibits, thank you. you are either very brave, very charitable, or just as crazy as i am. in any case, happy friday.


Anonymous said...

After reading all that...I would still read your blog. Can't really say that I would "still" claim you as a "friend" b/c we've never shared an e-mail or had coffee/tea together & well...you might think I'm REALLY crazy since you have no clue who I am....but I will definately still be here often to read about you & your "crazy" thoughts. I can definately relate so I guess I'm just as crazy!!!

Thanks for the laugh...

Whitney :) said...

Love ya just like you are, Nic! Keep on posting, I love to come here and find new words!

whit :)

gail said...

i don't have mixpod, but i have another computer thingy that does the same thing to me. it is very sad.

Anonymous said...

i wanna save my grays too!!

i'm always very tempted to leave them freshly plucked on the bathroom counter so that my husband will see them and finally agree that i am in fact going gray at the ripe old age of 26.

i'm such a coward to post this anonymously arent i?

Anonymous said...

Okay, the hair saving thing kind of freaks me out. Kind of. I'll get over it. ;)

And don't lie, it's 100% as lame as it sounds. Really, it is.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are crazy! Just leave a note next to all your gray hairs in case something happens to you. I'm sure they'll understand the logic in keeping them. lol
I love your blog! Thanks for all the refreshing posts. I'm your blog stalker! =)

Anonymous said...


You're awesome, not crazy! Thanks for the weekend chuckle. And Bellesme? Hysterical!


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I choked on the white hair thing! I think that's the funniest thing I've ever read!

I always knew you were a little off, but this confirms it. Yet, I keep coming back... what does that say about *me*?!

amelia said...

I'm also sad when I am logged out after clicking "remember me." Maybe sad isn't the right word for me, I'm more "angry" and "volatile." :o)

I love your Bellesme joke... I get it. :o)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I am definitely, without a doubt, as crazy as you are.

Down to the white hair thing even. I get the in my eyebrows sometimes and feel sad throwing them away.


gina said...

Your blog is so fun to read... stumbled across it somehow and I think I'll pull up a chair and stay awhile!