20 December 2008

more with the belatedness

so about a month ago we had that shindig in nashville, right, and um, i finally got around to editing a few pics to share here. sadly fortunately, you all are quite accustomed to this, as lack of punctuality seems to be an overarching theme in my life, so i'm rather hoping no one will manage to muster up much in the way of disappointment.

we stayed at a hotel just a tad north of the city; two miles as the crow flies, or 2.88 miles as the people walk. being a feathered ave apparently has its advantages.

i had this brilliant (aren't they all?) idea that since we were going to be spending the better part of four days sitting about on our hind quarters in seminars and guttling calorie-laden restaurant fare, we ought to at least get a bit of exercise walking into the city each day.

the only thing is, nashville decided to host an inexplicable cold front that weekend, so on a couple days we got to stroll about in flurries and over iced sidewalks. fun times, indeed.

these are a few shots taken heading into the city on a brisk (but mercifully above freezing) morning, with the exception of the night shot at the bottom, which was taken, obviously, at night.

and now i am off to finish the last seven gifts on my ever-expanding list. expect photos of those, oh, mid-january. ;)


Jen said...

Absolutely beautiful, I love the second one especially.

Hana said...

Found your blog through another favorite. Love your photos! You have a great eye!

Tonya said...

love the colors and cripsness here...those leaves are so beautiful...

hope your shopping went well...

Merry Christmas nic...it is good to know (well sorta) you!



Anonymous said...

goodness Nic. Those are bloody brilliant. :D (I thought you would enjoy the British euphemism far more than most. ;) )