21 December 2008

happy birthday to me

so i'm 32 today (callooh! callay!) and in honor of this momentous, um...moment, i've patched together a list of sorts.

32 favorite things

1. zippy’s saimin with char siu
2. big hair bands
3. how eucalyptus smells like home
4. the idea of blackberry tarts (i don’t think i’ve actually ever had one)
5. cosy london theatres
6. david crowder’s hair
7. this quote from LORD OF THE RINGS:
(sam to frodo) “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you...”
8. polka dots, especially bedecking umbrellas or galoshes
8b. the word galoshes
9. scented crayons
10. when it’s grey and damp and blustery outside, and i’m clad in a raddled sweatshirt, blue jeans, and wooly socks
11. a man who can really sing and/or play the piano
12. smiles that cause one’s cheeks to ball up and eyes to disappear
13. puddles
14. fireflies
15. bertie bott’s every flavor beans (pure ingenuity)
16. popsicles that turn your tongue purple
17. witty, pithy banter
18. a long, hard run where you forget yourself for a blessed while
19. first stars
20. taylor swift
21. homemade tortillas and fresh pasta
22. the way the earth turns golden in late afternoon light
23. pajamas with feet and bum flaps
24. this bit from DEAD POETS SOCIETY

25. the littleness of my children, and how i will probably always think of them this way
26. a good book, in which you can both lose and find yourself
27. fat, fuzzy bumblebees that look like they can barely remain airborne
28. the brilliance that was FREAKS AND GEEKS (why do all the good shows die young?)
29. jon mclaughlin
30. golden anniversaries
31. playing ants in the pants with elle and em (i’ve got me some mad ant-volleying skillz)
32. drvtry ,rddshrd (secret messages)
og upi vsm trsf yjod yjrm upibr ypys;;u ,sfr ,u gsbptoyrd ;ody ypp

please do your best to enjoy the remaining six minutes of my birthday...even though actually, i was not born until tomorrow at like 2am or something...very confusing, i know. we can just celebrate twice, because seriously. i'm all about the chocolate cake.


Jorth said...

I love that you said "calloo, callay!", it's one of the best quotes ever.

Happiest of happy birthdays, sweetie!

Jen said...


angela said...

Hau'oli la Hanau!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday!



Jenn said...

wishing you a pile full of chocolate cake and many a snuggle from your favorite folks! happy b-day friend!

take a bow Jenn

gail said...

happy belated b-day! mine was on the 19th. and we just finished up the last of the chocolate cake tonite, with peppermint ice cream---yum!

loved your list. i may have to remember that for next year.

Katarina said...

Happy Birthday Nic, wish you all the best, as well as HAPPY holidays!!!

Fledgling said...

Happy 32rd! I hope this next year brings you a wonderful new favorite thing.


Rebekah said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Nic :) I'll follow you into 32 in just 4 weeks...

Love said...

happiest of birthdays, friend!

though is it the 21st or 22nd??? i'm so confused! =)

love your list. i think i will always remember my kids this way, too. and i adore polka dot umbrellas. =)

hope you have a wonderful christmas!

nic said...


yeah, i'm confusing like that. :)

it's the 21st hawaii time, but the 22nd here. obviously, i always celebrate it on the 21st since i was born in honolulu, but it's funny to me that living here, i actually didn't turn 32 till the wee hours of the 22nd.

author said...

... and a Happy Belated Birthday too!!!

Isn't it always about the Chocolate Cake?!?! ;)


amelia said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I love your lists... you amaze me with how clever and diverse you are... a true gem!!!

Amy said...

happy "belated" birthday! It gets so hectic this time of year - hope you had a blast!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and many more blessings to you Nic!

I think you have no idea how many people you touch through your wit and words. We like you. Really.

(I'll be 32 in early Spring.)

Beth said...

I'm a month late for your birthday.... but never too late to say "I love You". You are a very favorite of all people!
Happy 32! Hugs, Beth

Rebekah said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Nic :) I'll follow you into 32 in just 4 weeks...

~ANG said...

Hau'oli la Hanau!