21 November 2008

um, wow.

i'm currently in nashville at youth specialties national youth workers convention, and it is seriously ridiculous...and by that, i mean utterly amazing. this is our eighth nywc, and i don't know if they've upped the ante or if i'm just in a better place to be receptive, but this is, by far, my best ys experience yet.

in thirty-six minutes i get to sit in an arena with crowder band and tony campolo (and fifty-five hundred of my closest friends), which are my top two reasons for showing up at nywc year after year. i'm pretty stoked, and i do not use that word lightly (or, well, at all).

gotta run. just wanted to pop in and say that really? i wish you all could be here. experiencing this.

seriously ridiculous.


Jenn said...

I think you're just giddy that you are "kid free" for the weekend LOL!

Seriously glad though that you are having a wonderful time!!

take a bow Jenn

Anonymous said...

So glad you are having a great conference. The kiddos have been great----other than a little bickering back and forth with each other at times. And they keep telling me "that's not the way mom does it" ---- sorry :-)