15 November 2008

the happy side of cabin fever

it's been spitting rain for five days now, and the world outside our door is soggy and bleak. inside, however, is warmth and light and cozy blankets.

saturday's good things:

scented candles

hot tea infused with blueberries

christmasy books:

the comforting rhythm of slicing autumn vegetables to simmer in a crock pot

an eight year old who shares his snack-size twix with his mum

softies to craft:

argyle knee socks

shearling slippers

and four little people who giggle and bicker and negotiate and coerce and press their heads together to peer at the same book, and who, no matter how the day has gone, pray for each other at the end of the day.


Mandy said...

We've got cabin fever today too, it's nasty! I just cut a couple of Fresh Cut Softie Dolls TOO...one for my grandmother (to match the quilt I made her last year) and one for my little neice. :) Have a great weekend!

Love said...

i love that last one....i'm so thankful for that, too.

and seriously, that red & blue softie??! i'm in love with her.

Life is 5 Minutes Long said...

I know this may sound naive but where do you live now? I know you said you were from Hawaii...

Denny said...

I love the description of the (not so) little ones, especially the praying for each other. What a great image for this grandpa.

carole said...

Oh I LOVE Toot & Puddle! Very "warm" post. Those dolls need to get on ETSY-seriously cute!!!!

Jen said...

I second the softie dolls being placed on Etsy. I love them!

Leah Beth said...

I just love reading your blogs! Pointing out the great things about what seems sometimes to be the start of a never ending winter and my babies asking me "can we go to the park?" 10 times a day...and we are only getting started. And then teasing me with those Softies...you know I want one...let me know when you get them listed. :) Wishing you the best there can be of these LOCKED IN days!