01 October 2008

i am having a good life.

this morning elle and i rocked out with mozart while i finished up a few orders and she drew a series of letters and numerals on paper she lines herself, which she calls her "homework." (i keep telling her she will have years of this homework stuff in her future, no need to get a head-start on purgatory, but she is having none of it.) jodie's candle flickered on my sewing table, lacing the air with the warm scent of pumpkin cheesecake.

the orders are almost done and will ship out tomorrow, which is a good feeling in itself, plus this allows me to begin crafting a birthday something for my favorite girl.

last year i was all set to make the quilt, and we all know how well *that* went (or, more accurately, didn't go). yeah, it is still folded in a corner of my room, half-made; i'm hoping to finish it in time for elle's bat-mitzvah. it helps that we aren't jewish, so if i don't make this deadline she might not notice.

so, lesson learned there. this year i've set my sights on a couple smallish projects, the first being this little softie gal.

right now i am in the middle of sewing and turning and stuffing the limbs, which is always fun. and by fun i mean reminiscent of a guatemalan sweatshop*, just to be clear. the leg was particularly opposed to turning right-side-out, so much so that i briefly debated how much it would bother elle to receive a one-legged doll. i concluded, however, that i would more than pay for the saved labor in ensuing therapy bills, so i shall suck it up and sew the accompanying leg.

if all goes well, i'll post a softie-doll tutorial next weekish.

in the meantime, may your wednesday be thick with the scent of pumpkin cheesecake.


*that one was for you, karen. ;)


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh my. I really, really want something pumkiny now.

The doll looks like it's going to be adorable! I wish you lived closer so I could harrass you into teaching me how to sew. =)

Tonya said...

that is the sweetest little thing ever...

Melissa said...

The doll is darling! I love it! I may have to study your picture and see if I can make a doll for my own favorite birthday girl! I have till the 10th to get it done...

TaDa! Creations said...

Ooooo...would love you forever for a doll tutorial. My girls would love these and I might have time before Christmas. Yours is going to be adorable.

Stephanie said...

That little doll is so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to see the finished product.

amelia said...

How cute! I can't wait to see the finished doll, which I have the utmost faith in you that you will finish it! :o)

So, the other day I found Pumpkin Cheesecake Icrecream (God bless Ben & Jerry), I had to buy it.... will power was shot. It was criminally delicious!!!


sweetfunkyvintage said...

That doll is so precious. Can't wait for the tutorial!