21 August 2008


our littlest guy is currently being retrieved early from school and ferried across town so he can then be (unwillingly) stuck with those odious 4-6 year old immunization shots.

i, however, am cringing with a moderate case of guilt at home, having pawned off the job on the hubby in one of my classic wimpy-yet-sadistic moves. in an alternate universe, the parallel version of me is the fascist despot of a small nation.

elle and i have been enjoying quiet mornings together. mornings where i sew and she rearranges the contents of my button compartments, where we paint watercolors on computer paper that curls beneath the moisture, where we lie feet-to-feet reading ann brashares and mo willems on the velvety family room couch.

she is growing up, this kid. her eyes change with the light: sometimes a grey sort of blue, sometimes ringed with aquamarine. (it's an odd sort of hope i have for her, that those who love her will find her beautiful, and those who don't will think her plain, will leave her in peace.)

i love that she still says the middle part of the alphabet as "l a little p." i love the way she calls her heeled sandals "the up shoes that i have." i love that much of life is a musical for her, where she sings self-composed tunes of cheese sandwiches and where is my mommy.

bee has been diagnosed with asthma, both activity-induced and the regular kind. it's a specific kind of horror watching your child struggle for breath in the darkest pockets of night. i'm glad to be armed with inhalers and nebulizers, to put those nights firmly behind us.

sometimes zee's fragility startles me, the way he effloresces in the warmth of my praise. the way he wilts beneath my disapproval. quite often i pray these days: please God, remind me to be so careful with this child.

and i find myself thinking: this. this is what it is to be blessed.


A Rubber Band Collection said...

I love you nic!

I love the way you see. and i love the way you can take a language and use its words to color the most vivid pictures.

In this world where most people are caught up in the gray, it's a special treat.

You rock...

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I love how you perceive your children...how you cherish them and yearn to not only protect but encourage them.

You're such an example to me.

Anonymous said...


This was a truly beautiful post. You have such a wonderful way of putting life, especially life with children, into a new perspective for me. Thank you for being the amazing woman, mother & writer that you are.


fleetfeet said...

Ohhh Nic, how I know, how I know about that asthma...You thank God for the treatments that are now available, and thank God when you don't have to use them. And you thank God for a peaceful night's sleep...for the whole family.

Wendy said...

This is such a beautiful post...

your children and husband are some very blessed people to have you :)


Cris Dukehart said...

Blessings and a resounding AMEN, SISTER GIRL from the stinkier side.


Unknown said...

wow what an inspiration you are! I love reading your posts!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

what blessings indeed!



Linda said...

Aww, it sounds like you have a really sweet family. :0)

sweetfunkyvintage said...

what blessings indeed!



Waterfalls*n*Rainbows said...

This is such a beautiful post...

your children and husband are some very blessed people to have you :)