19 August 2008

happy thoughts

1. my older brother flew in for a weekend visit, and i was reminded of how very much i like him. we've spent much of the past ten years on opposite faces of the globe, moving through distinctly separate lives, but we were close once, in those awkward, intense junior high and high school years. that twined sharing of childhood and growing-up anchors us, i think.

it's so good to have family, these people i never quite grow away from.

2. there's something to said for any type of working arrangement that allows one to spend mornings dressing paper dolls with one's three-year-old.

3. two of my favorite people have birthdays today. to the illustrious ununcle and sweet, gifted kim, here's hoping today is nothing short of grand.

happy tuesday, dear friends.


Jenn said...

Happy Tuesday to you too Nic!

I'm not sure how you can take the mundane aspects of life and make them so poetic and beautiful...but you do.

You're a breath of fresh air that's for sure!

take a bow Jenn

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Okay, I'm sniffling. Thanks so much for the sweetness - love you!