17 June 2008

quintessential early summer

saturday was such a lovely day.

the kiddos and i went grocery shopping, and in spite of their proclivity toward imaginary light saber duels in aisles 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7-12, we had quite a nice time.

then we trekked out to the water park where the sky was this flamboyant azure (or, as elle put it, "the blue is so BIG, mommy!"), and we romped in the geysers and the raining mushroom, and lunched on vienna bread and cherries and cheese and grape tomatoes.

filmy puffs of cotton floated down from (i'm assuming) some kind of trees (somebody help me out with a botany lesson here), transforming the park into a wonderland, the air as viscous as water in a snow globe.

we hit an afternoon yard sale, where i scored an armful of jammies and tees for $13.50.

and after supper, elle and i took a languid walk through the neighborhood. we counted hot air balloons in the evening sky, hopped puddles, smelled thick purple weeds on the side of the road.

then just past dusk, as i scanned the treeline for flowering fireworks, i instead played audience to the first fireflies hovering above our front lawn.

it's official: i'm crazy in love with june.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Your writing is as lovely as the photos you take. Simply delicious.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post.

now seriously when are you going to write a book. with prose like that you ought to.

Rebekah said...

What a marvelous-sounding day. I usually enjoy June a lot more, but this year it got so hot so fast that I find myself hiding from the 100° radiation already ;)

Your new blog header makes me want to jump in the van and drive non-stop to the beach... of course that would mean I'd be in the van for 16+ hours, but hey!

Unknown said...

You take an ordinary day and make it sound amazing with your descriptions. I wanted to take my kids and do the things you described, and I hate grocery shopping and garage sales!

Denny said...

I believe they were cottonwood trees. At least that is what I call them. We were at pond on Sunday evening the little puffs were floating all around. They made for an interesting look but were less than lovely when you inhaled one while coming up for air in the water.

Sounds like a great summer day in the midwest.

janae said...

Sounds like a perfect time. I love your new header picture.

Unknown said...

They were definitely cottonwood trees. (I can say that because I am the science guy.) This is the time of the year for them. If you live real close to one and you have your windows open someday, your screens can collect thousands of them.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a glorious day!

We've had a constant stream of cotton in the air here too.

Diane said...

I just disappear into your prose! You painted the perfect picture of a summer's day. I was totally enveloped in the imagery! Now I'm going to have to go recreate that kind of day for myself and my little girls! Splendid!

Oh, and that bathingsuit on your daughter is adorable!

Finally, in case you are short of compliments, your photography is captivating! Love having your blog to visit! Thanks.

Deconstructing Jen said...

beautiful post.

now seriously when are you going to write a book. with prose like that you ought to.