20 May 2008

i think she gets it from me

as elle is dressing for the day, i turn around to find her sitting on the laminate floor with her head completely stuffed into her jeans.

me: "um, what are you doing?"

elle: "i'm smelling the inside of my pants."

me: "oh. alrighty then. carry on."


Melissa said...

I love it! Are there people out there that don't smell their pants? ;)

Jenn said...

hilarious! How else would you make sure they are clean LOL!

take a bow Jenn

Xig said...

hehehe this is the cutest thing, and I relate completely! I've also been asked what I'm doing while I smell my pants:p


Anonymous said...

Ha! Very cute!

Cris Dukehart said...

*snort* I am, quite literally, laughing out loud.