09 April 2008

there's always next year

so part of the ncaa bracketing fun is that we're supposed to ode the winner on our blogs. predictably, that did not end up being me.

a spontaneous ode to kindra
(this is going to be good, i can tell already)

o kindra, winner of the esteemed family bracket
you are valiant and wise and something that rhymes with bracket
you have schooled us all
with your knowledge of ball
may your victory be sweet
as we grovel at your feet
as we probably will again next year, when you pull a three-peat.

not bad, eh? okay, so it left quite a lot to be desired in terms of diction and meter and original thought, but it rhymed! points for rhyming, please.

my apologies for subjecting you all to that. please continue with your otherwise productive day.


Anonymous said...

Very cute. Yes definite points for rhyming. And might I add....Rock Chalk! Jayhawk! GO KU!!! :D

Jenn said...

You are too funny Nic :) Fortunately my family doesn't subject me to having to pretend to know anything about sports LOL! You are a good sport...but stick to sewing and entertaining us with your witty sense of humor ;)


couture*4*my*cutie said...

So your team lost? I thought the game was impressive. Best game there has been for awhile! Love your little poem!


nic said...

actually, my team won! yes, i picked kansas, go me. but then, i also picked duke to play against them in the final game, and we all know how *that* went. ah, well.

Anonymous said...


You definitely get points for rhyming. You brought a giggle to my day - thanks.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Hee hee...niiiice.

Melissa said...

I love that you have to do an ode on your blog! If more of my family blogged, we would probably do something like that too :)
My team didn't make it... almost, but not quite... sigh. Poor UCLA. Maybe next year!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That was lovely. ;-)

janae said...

Well, at least you won Jenn's hoodie!