15 April 2008

self-portrait challenge: absurd.3

The five-years-ago me kind of rather liked doing taxes. The current me? Finds this mildly disturbing.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness you are something of a photographic genius. I love this shot.

I would guess that 5 years ago taxes were somewhat simpler than they are now. I used to love to do them before I was married - nothing like the 10-40ez. Now, not so much.

Rebekah said...

First of all, you have amazing gorgeous hair - the kind I always wanted, until I decided to embrace my dense yet fine, stringy stuff & cut it all off ;)

Taxes become less and less appealing to me with each passing year. Although, I did use TurboTax online this year, and was greatly relieved at how much simpler it was!

Joeprah said...

Whenever I see your photos in my reader I just stare. Very poetic stuff. Lot of photographers in the family and I appreciate just how good yours are.

janae said...

Great photo!

Love said...

gorgeous, as always...though i know nothing about taxes. i should learn this year. *sigh* this growing up thing stinks sometimes. =)