21 April 2008


an april walk means

three in a line, hands clasped
a digging squirrel
numbers on mailboxes
new leaves and "flower trees"
the sun pressing heat through our shirts
then a piggy-back race home
to pick all the dandelions in our front yard.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh the loveliness that is Spring!

I do wish it would stop snowing up here - but your photos and poetry bring the loveliness of it to life for me.

de_scribes said...

N's First Communion was this weekend and our flower trees made the day extra special.

As always, I love your words and pics. :) And you!

Jenn said...

Oh Nic...A is always picking dandelions for me. Your picture brought a huge smile to my face. We had an entire discussion in the car yesterday about why in the world people think dandelions are weeds. A thinks the world is crazy...and plans to grow an entire yard full when she grows up!!!

Take a bow Jenn

Melissa said...

Aren't dandelions wonderful? It's a flower I can tell Baby Girl to pick without guilt :)
When she brings me a hibiscus from the neighbor's yard... well, that's a different story :S